The Raconteurs Want Their Cake, Eat It Too

Posted on iLike yesterday:

We are in the process of creating a live section of our website and need your assistance. We’ll have different areas where you can view video footage and photos from tour dates as well as hear select audio for some shows.
We’d also like for you to submit your photos for possible inclusion as well.

Exciting, right? I’d love to be able to help out one of my favorite bands by providing the pictures I took. However, there’s a slight glitch. Before I shot that show, I had to sign a contract.

Raconteurs Contract

Unfortunately, the contract states (emphasis mine):

Photographer hereby agrees that neither Photographer nor any of his/her respective assigns, parent companies, related entities or successors in interest will use or publish or license or permit the use or publication of any of the Photographs, or Artist’s name, voice or likeness, except in print in connection with articles or press coverage of the applicable performance of Artist set forth above. No other uses whatsoever shall be made of the photographs.


In the event Photoghrapher uses or authorizes the use of Photographs in breach of this Agreement, in each such breaching instance the photographer shall pay artist $30,000.

Sorry, Raconteurs. I’d love to help with this project, but I just don’t have the $1,050,000 it would take to pay the fines. Maybe in the future you’ll remove this silly idea of forcing people who want to give you free publicity into ridiculous contracts (and, this contract was nearly identical to the one I signed to shoot the White Stripes). No one else I’ve covered requires a contract.

by: Nick Davis


4 Responses

  1. I heard about this awhile back. Ridic.

  2. This is one of the most amusing thing I have ever read in my life. Outstanding.

  3. I would of packed my gear and headed home.

  4. No way, Ed. No one passes up a chance to shoot them.
    Contract or no.
    I had to sign a release when I shot Duran Duran — might have been similar terms, I can’t recall. Whatever they were, I wasn’t passing up the chance to photograph Simon LeBon and his awesome high kicks, haha

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