Cute Is What We Aim For – Rotation

Cute Is What We Aim For is a band originating out of Buffalo, New York and formed by Shaant Hacikyan and Jeff Czum in 2005. Joined by bassist Fred Cimato and drummer Tom Falcone the group was soon signed to the record label Fueled By Ramen. The band made most of their fame from online magazines, including a major feature on which ended in quite a bit of controversy since the website’s founder was then seen openly belittling the band on the website’s message boards.

The band seems to have a good following of drama (as well as a very good sized fan base, of course). Their first record was criticized for their use of auto-tune, which producer Matt Squire and Hacikyan admitted to using. Rumors of plagiarism flew around, but all of those were denied. More drama sprouted durning the time where Cimato had left the band for the first time to be replaced by Jack Marin (previously of October Fall), major tension was seen between the lead singer and the bassist and there are more than enough rumors still going around about the exact reason as to why Marin let the band.

Despite all of the band changes and line ups they’ve had over the years, Hacikyan says they’ve now finally become really content with a line up and that they’re thankful to have made it through everything they have drama-wise as a band. The current line up includes original members Hacikyan, Czum and Falcone. The band is completed now by bassist Dave Melillo.

I was a little worried about Rotation because there was so much hype from Shaant about it being so much more ‘grown-up’ than The Same Old Blood Rush… I won’t lie; I was a little afraid it might have been another Pretty. Odd incident where it was a little too forced and came out not so great on most of the tracks. But apparently Cute actually knows how to write grown-up lyrics without throwing away who your band was and trying to needlessly reinvent yourself.

It certainly isn’t the same whiney teenager lyrics, as promised, though if you liked their first CD, you’ll most likely still like this one. They knew how to be different enough to grow, but the same enough to keep your attention. Over all the CD was very well done, the lyrics are just as catchy and so are the beats. The wait and hype for this CD was definitely worth it if you ask me and I recommend picking it up if you’re into their sort of music.

01. Practice Makes Perfect
02. Doctor
03. Navigate Me
04. Loser
05. Do What You Do
06. Hollywood
07. Safe Ride
08. The Lock Down Denial
09. Marriage to Millions
10. Miss Sobriety
11. Time
12. Hidden Track

Cute Is What We Aim For: website | myspace
Fueled By Ramen: website

Written by: Hanna Marie


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