The Delta Spirit @ The Middle East, Boston

delta spirit, matt wignallI think that the drunk guy behind me at the Delta Spirit show at The Middle East encapsulated their performance better than I ever really could when he chuckled loudly and said, “holy shit! I love live music!” That’s what Delta Spirit provided – really awesome live music.

You could tell that the band knew that everyone at the urban but haunting bar/club might not have been there because of their love for the relatively unknown-on-the-East-Coast (they hail from San Diego) band. They definitely put all of their effort into winning over this crowd, as you could kind of tell they do at all shows, and they were successful.

Each song seemed more musically interesting and creative than the last. To compare them to a modern band, you could look at The Black Keys. They both have the kind of soul you don’t expect from a bunch of white boy indie kids. But I wouldn’t really call The Delta Spirit a bunch of white boy indie kids to begin with. They’re a little bit less gimmicky, not to knock The Black Keys, but it’s just the truth. The comparison to Cold War Kids, who they’ve toured with in the past, might actually be a little more appropriate. Both bands are strikingly surprising and original.

The voice of lead singer Matt Vasquez came through surprisingly and upliftingly clear throughout the show. His voice is a really soulful entity and it’s pretty cool to be right there with it.

At one point they started playing a sort of tambourine/trash can combination instrument and that really got the crowd going. It was really unique without being annoying or over the top. What I think I liked most about the performance is that it was very unselfconscious show. They knew that people weren’t breaking down doors to see them and instead of going overboard they just put on the best rock’n’roll show they could, and they really pulled it off.

I really hope that we see more of this band to come because, as trite as it might sound, they really have it and I think that they could do great things for the current state of music. They have an album coming out in August and I hope we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from them in the years to come.

The Delta Spirit: website | myspace

by: Jimmy

Photo: Matt Wignall


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