New Ray LaMontagne Album

ray lamontagneLauded singer/songwriter, Ray LaMontagne is set to release his much-anticipated third album, Gossip In The Grain, on September 30th on RCA Records. LaMontagne’s indie folk sound spans diverse settings from railroad blues to front porch country, allowing Gossip In The Grain to win the title of his most creative record to date as he is joined by members of his touring band.

In addition to bassist Jennifer Condos and guitarist Eric Heywood, LaMontagne is joined by singer/songwriter Leona Naess on “A Falling Through” and “I Still Care For You.”

LaMontagne explains, “it was time to open up a little bit more, not be quite so reserved in my choice of songs that I wanted to record. I’m really very critical of myself and it’s sort of a process of opening up. I felt like I was in the right space to show that side of myself.”

01. Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s A Shame)
02. Hey Me, Hey Mamma
03. Sarah
04. I Still Care For You
05. Winter Birds
06. Meg White
07. Achin’ All The Time
08. Let It Be Me
09. A Falling Through
10. Gossip In The Grain

Ray LaMontagne: website | myspace

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