Greg Laswell Giveaway!

three flights from alto nidoIf you haven’t heard of the wonderful singer/songwriter Greg Laswell yet, let PopWreckoning help you out. We’ve got a signed CD/poster pack to give away to a lucky winner of Laswell’s new album Three Flights From Alto Nido, which drops July 8th. A runner-up will receive a copy of the album, too!

Just answer the questions below (email your answers to Jessica!) for your chance to win.

01. Greg Laswell’s new album, out July 8, 2008, is titled “Three Flights from Alto Nido.” What does “alto nido” mean?

02. Name at least two (2) shows in which Laswell has had music played on.

03. If, like Coldplay‘s Chris Martin (to whom Laswell has been compared), Laswell were to name a child after a fruit, which fruit should it be and why? (have fun with this one!)

Look for a review of Laswell’s new album and live show to post soon!
Good luck!

Greg Laswell: myspace


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