Popwreckoning / Popfreeradio show – July 29, Kansas City

Popwreckoning would officially like to invite you to our first of many concerts!

July 29th at Davey’s Uptown in Kansas City, Mo., local artist Sterling Witt, and national acts Kingsley and Driver F will take stage, looking to bring with them their high energy stage show that has won them fans nationwide.

Sterling Witt of Kansas City has made a name for himself as both a musician and an artist. His 2008 album release has been well received by both fans and media alike. His sound, while original, is often compared to that of Beck, due to his hybrid of styles and deep, raspy lyrics.

Kingsley of Lubbock, Tx., was formerly called Falling Down Hurts. Their sound is often compared to Jimmy Eat World or Saves the Day, though I personally hear Get Up Kids bleeding through in their guitar riffs. The band itself, however, describes their sound as “something you should probably dance to.” Most importantly, however, is that Kingsley shares Get Up Kids’ energy and kick ass live presence.

Headliner Driver F of Austin, Tx. is a perfect example of how live music should be. Their high energy live show is often described as more of an experience than a concert. With bodies moving in every direction their overwhelming catchy power-pop leaves you no choice but to walk away with a memory worth remembering. Examples of this can be seen in the video below.

Driver F: website | myspace | Chase The White Whale review | interview with
Kingsley: myspace
Sterling Witt: website | myspace


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