The Morning Benders – Boston

morning bendersThe Morning Benders have just put out their album Talking Through Tin Cans and are just wrapping up a gig supporting The Kooks on tour. They’ve also opened for bands like Yo La Tengo and they’re definitely a name you should keep in mind over the next year or so. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform in Boston recently and I couldn’t be more pleased with the show they put on.

Their music is fun, and both the vocals and instrumentals translate really well to live performances. And the audience at Paradise that night was definitely ready for a performance. The temperatures had reached ninety and over and everyone just wanted to cool off with some sweet music and tall cans of PBR. And while The Morning Benders weren’t what everyone was waiting for, no one was unhappy with what they got.

At one point they warn the audience that the song they’re about to sing is a “darker tune” but that we still had “to have fun with it.” And I really loved that; it totally melted my cold, snobby heart. I think that all bands should be saying stuff about their music and their shows. Their music is good enough to be taken seriously but there’s so much fun beyond that seriousness and they did such a great job of making sure that came through during their show.

Later, two band members doubled up on one mic together and it was just really pleasant to watch. Throughout the whole show they encouraged the audience to dance and sing along and it was like they were as in to performing for us as we were in to watching them perform and I feel like that kind of atmosphere has gotten pretty rare. When lead singer Chris Chu‘s mic cut out he told the audience if they didn’t dance more it would happen again. Everyone responded pretty heartily. In short, they’re the kind of opening act that makes you actually want to head over to the merch table and buy their album.

They performed their songs well and they seemed to get into their music in this really genuine and endearing way. Lots of well-placed foot stomping, head shaking and body jerking took place. It was really fun to see a band moving for once and gett everyone really pumped up. Their music is great and they definitely belong in the ranks of fellow-up and comers Vampire Weekend and yes, they do deserve the comparisons to The Shins that they’ve been getting in the past month since Tin Cans was released.

Honestly – I could compare these guys to a lot more people: The Rosebuds;, Ben Kweller; etc. But I don’t want it to seem like these guys don’t have a sound of their own and aren’t going to take that sound in all kinds of different awesome directions. I’m really hoping to see these guys headline their own tour this year and hit up the big festivals next summer (they’re already on the lineup of a couple). If you have a chance, see them live but definitely pick up their album before you’re left wondering who these Morning Benders that everyone is sure to be talking about are and why you’re not in on the fun.

Tour Dates:
Jun 27 – Puma FREE In-Store/San Francisco, Ca.
Jul 05 – Blue Lamp/Sacramento, Ca. *
Jul 08 – Berbati’s Pan/Portland, Or.*
Jul 09 – Neumo’s/Seattle, Washington *
Jul 12 – Avalon/Los Angeles (w/ Supergrass)
Jul 20 – GOOD Magazine Block Party @ 111 Minna/San Francisco
Sep 13 – Monolith @ Red Rocks/Morrison, Co.
Sep 21 – Treasure Island Music Festival/San Francisco Bay, Ca.

* w/ We Are Scientists and Cut Off Your Hands

The Morning Benders: website | myspace

by: Jimmy

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