Say Anything @ Light District, Kansas City

Max Bemix, Say Anything

Kansas City’s Power and Light District does this cool little thing in the summer where they offer a free rock concert every Wednesday night. A good idea in theory, but not as effective in action as was evident at the Say Anything show June 18, 2008. It might have been an off night for the band, but the venue is also partly to blame for their lackluster performance.

In the past, Say Anything fans have been some of the most active audience members I have ever seen at a show. For this free 21 and over show, however, the audience seemed more interested in their drinks than what was occurring on stage. It made me feel sad for the true, but underage fans that could be spotted standing outside the entrance, trying to listen in. It made me feel especially sad for the band that usually feeds off of the energy of its crowd.

Max Bemis and crew kicked off the show with “Woe,” quickly followed by “Skinny, Mean Man” before they jumped into their first radio single “Alive with the Glory of Love.” The audience showed a little more interest in this song and consequentially, the band did as well.

The band’s older songs seemed to fare better than the ones from their most recent release and “Every Man Has His Molly” off of …Is a Real Boy stole the show with the help of a hilarious introduction by Bemis. “This song is about a girl,” Bemis said, “And I got the last word.”

The band needed to depart quickly to catch a flight and Bemis bought his band mates extra packing time by performing a solo encore. It was refreshing to see Bemis show that he not only sings but can play guitar, as well. He performed a stripped down version of “Baby Girl, I’m a Blur.” As interesting as this was, it was not the raucous and energetic closer I expected from a band like Say Anything.

It really wasn’t a bad performance, it just seemed like both audience and the band didn’t really care that a concert was occurring there. Perhaps when Say Anything returns to Kansas City in two weeks with Warped Tour and have the opportunity to play for people who care, they will deliver the energetic set I’m used to seeing.

Skinny, Mean Man
Alive With the Glory of Love
Yellow Cat / Red Cat
Shiksa (Girlfriend)
Every Man Has His Molly
Retarded in Love
The Futile
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
We Killed It
The Church Channel
Baby Girl, I’m a Blur
I Want to Know Your Plans
Aww (new song)

Say Anything: website | myspace

by Bethany Marie


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  1. Free shows are great and one with say anything would have been any better. sad that people couldn’t get into their set.

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