Relient K – The Bird and the BeeSides

bird and beesidesI recently had the opportunity to interview Matt Thiessen, lead singer of Relient K, to discuss the band’s new EP, The Bird and The Beesides, the summer tour plans and a few other things.

The first half of the new EP is the Nashville EP, 13 original songs that showcases the bands wide array of influences and interests. The band’s silly and pop-culture loving side is still present in full force on tracks like “Beaming,” which references “Star Trek” and “Bee Your Man,” has the band buzzing. New on this EP is the presence of different genres like ska and this can be heard on songs like “No Reaction.” Another surprise is hearing Thiessen hand the vocal reigns over to his band mates as each guy gets a turn leading their own song.

The band’s softer side is present on my favorite song, “Curl Up and Die,” a beautiful piece filled with angelic vocals, piano and strings. The arrangement of this is one of the band’s best to date.

The second half of the EP consists of actual b-sides and remastered tracks. A digital album is expected to accompany. As far as b-side albums go, this is worth it. You get a lot of songs for your money and the Nashville EP is interesting and different enough to want to buy this just for the 13 original songs.

Look for The Bird and the Beesides out July 1, 2008 from Gotee Records and catch the band on this summer’s Warped Tour.

01. Where Do I Go From Here
02. The Scene and the Herd
03. At Least We Made It This Far
04. The Last, The Lost, The Least
05. The Lining Is Silver
06. There Was No Thief
07. No Reaction
08. Curl Up and Die
09. You’ll Always Be My Best Friend
10. There Was Another Time in My Life
11. Beaming
12. I Just Want You to Know
13. Bee Your Man
14. Up and Up (Acoustic)
15. Wit’s All Been Done Before
16. The Vinyl Countdown
17. For the Band
18. Nothing Without You
19. A Penny Loafer Saved Is a Penny Loafer Earned
20. Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying
21. Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying (Ska Version)
22. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been (Acoustic)
23. Here I Go (Demo)
24. The Stenographer (Demo)
25. Jefferson Aeroplane (Demo)
26. Hope For Every Fallen Man (Acoustic)

Relient K: website | myspace


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