Black, White, and Run: Nike+ Original Remix (The Hives)

Nike+, that super hooked up system for runners in which an iPod nano or Nike SportBand tracks your pace, time, distance and calories burned with the help of a sensor in your shoe, has teamed up with The Hives to produce a Nike+ Original Remix. Pulling elements from The Hives’ smash hit The Black and White Album, production duo Expensive People craft a completely new running adventure.

This 45-minute remix tracks the course of a run, beginning with a mellow electronica beats as a warm-up, picks with up to set a steady stride and explodes about the 26-minute mark fusing together songs from The Black and White Album with plenty of electronica fun before mellowing out into a perfect pace for cool down.

I took the mix out for a run myself yesterday morning and definitely dig it. The warm-up lasted a little bit longer than I cared for, but then again, I don’t warm up for a proper amount of time. The beats were great and it was easy to pick up the pace as the mix’s tempo sped up. I also would’ve preferred the explosion of rock and roll before 26 minutes, but samples from “Tick Tick Boom”, “Try It Again”, “Won’t Be Long” and other aspects of The Hives’ latest album coupled with electronic beats kept my energy and motivation soaring.

I definitely recommend checking out “Black, White and Run,” to both runners and Hives fans alike.

Nike+: website | sample, buy “Black, White and Run”
The Hives: website | myspace


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