Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer

Finally it’s happened – Wolf Parade has released another full length album. Their sophomore effort, At Mount Zoomer, is a beacon of hope and goodness wrapped in some beautiful artwork that, come December, will be topping many a “Best of 2008” list. The songs are beautiful and Spencer Krug‘s voice is just as poetic and electrifying as ever. There’s nothing disappointing about this album, which is so amazing coming from a band that formed so quickly and debuted so wonderfully.

Yes, there are some songs that are better than others but the thing that’s so great about Wolf Parade is that they seem to be very good at putting together an entire album that works with itself and is so impressive as one piece of work. “Bang Your Drums” opens eerily and then draws you in with really smart lyrics and strong but sensitive instrumentals. It’s definitely one of the songs that shines most on the album. “California Dreamers” reminds you why you love Wolf Parade so much. It starts out a bit weak, I’ll admit, but the way it continues and the way it’s crafted is near perfection.

The songs are slightly more subdued than on their first album but those songs were pretty epic for the most part so that’s not saying a whole lot. The album still really blew me away. With Mount Zoomer, the guys of Wolf Parade have managed to let us know that they are not going anywhere and that they are going to continue putting out some of the most unique and best-sounding music on the scene. People will continue to be voraciously hungry for their albums as they continue to produce music and Wolf Parade has really become one of those bands that you can’t wait to come out with new stuff, and that’s such an awesome thing about them.

Wolf Parade also proves to us with this album that they really have created their own style and that it involves no gimmick at all, only incredible talent. This album, in addition to Apologies to the Queen Mary, will be a solid addition to any collection of music and you’ll never stop coming back to it. In only two albums, Wolf Parade has managed to create an intense desire for more from their fans, and that’s such an undeniably amazing feat and one of the main reasons that I love Wolf Parade. So definitely go pick up the new album and see them live if you can because they must be fantastic on stage. But you can still pick up so much electricity and feeling from their recorded music that you won’t feel like your missing you if you don’t see them.

Available June 17, 2008 on SubPop Records.

01. Soldier’s Grin
02. Call It a Ritual (download
03. Language City
04. Bang Your Drum
05. California Dreamer
06. The Grey Estates
07. Fine Young Cannibals
08. An Animal in Your Care
09. Kissing the Beehive

Wolf Parade: myspace | download “Call It A Ritual”
Subpop Records: website | myspace

by: Jimmy


2 Responses

  1. Such a GRRROOOOOOOOD album!

  2. I do have to mention, however, that I have the slightest bit of beef here. You mention that Spencer Krug’s voice is “just as poetic and electrifying as ever,” but what about Dan Boeckner? He’s always played secondary vocalist to Krug, but he really does step up to the plate on “At Mount Zoomer,” with four tracks to Spencer’s five.

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