New Music Tuesday!

Out Today!

Tilly & the Wall O review | download “Pot Kettle Black” | download “Cacophony”

Computer vs. Banjo
Computer vs. Banjo review | download “Give Up on Ghosts”

Katy Perry
One of the Boys review | stream

The Love Guru
soundtrack review | stream “More Than Words” | stream “The Joker”

Wolf Parade
At Mount Zoomer review | download “Language City” | download “Call It A Ritual”

Ice Cream Spiritual download “Celebrate the Body Electric”

Viva La Vida stream

My Brightest Diamond
A Thousand Shark’s Teeth stream

The Briggs
Come All You Madmen

Reggie and the Full Effect
Last Stop: Crappy Town

Silver Jews
Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea download “Strange Victory, Strange Defeat”

Hans York
Young Amelia stream

The Impossible Shapes
The Impossible Shapes download “Hey”

In The Midst of Chaos stream

Stars Like Fleas
The Ken Burns Effect download “I Was Only Dancing”


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