The Rock and Roll Geek Network

Seeing as I’ve been an inconsiderate blogger and not kept up my end of the podcast feature bargain, I decided rather than just writing about one podcast, I’d up the ante… an entire podcasting NETWORK!

The Rock and Roll Geek Network, to be precise!

Because there are few things PopWreckers know more about than being rock and roll geeks. Mastermind and supreme rock and roll geek Michael Butler takes this to a whole other level with The Rock and Roll Geek Show, Good Clean Fun, Rock and Roll Indiecast, and Bangin With Butler.

At the center of it all is the Rock and Roll Geek Show. Butler hosts this solo and includes such regular features at the “Classic Rock Song of the Week,” “Douchebag Clip of the Week,” lots of news, talk and an array of rock songs from the Podsafe Music Network, which happens to be Butler’s day job.

On occasion he even includes videos like “Gadget Guides,” live concert footage and miscellaneous adventures. Most recently he included a “how to guide” for getting better seats at shows when you only bought lawn seats. In this case, making wristbands to sneak to the front at an Iron Maiden show.

Butler is partial to running gags that pop up in all of the shows, particularly this one. Favorites include “Reading with Butler” whenever he can’t seem to read anything correctly. There’s also the ubiquitous, “Super. Great. Couldn’t be better.” This seems to be Butler’s answer to everything. There’s also a little something involving beer, but I must leave something to the imagination.

Though it has recently been preempted by Good Clean Fun, which is currently without a feed to call all it’s own, the Rock and Roll Geek Indiecast generally follows a more classic radio DJ format. Theses shows are almost entirely music with a smattering of music factoids from Butler thrown in for good measure.

Despite lacking a feed to call it’s own, Good Clean Fun appears to be on the verge of taking all the focus away from the Rock and Roll Geek Show, or maybe that’s because hosts Butler and Jasper Borgman of the Plan Nine Rock Show are still enamored with their new toy… er, show.

The show, which originally started out as an impromptu call between friends, has evolved to include guests and movie reviews. Recently to add to the conversational nature of the show, a live chat and webcast have been included to get listeners involved (keep an eye out for yours truly).

The dynamic of the show is interesting. There is a clear Butler camp and Jasper camp among listeners. Butler abuses Jasper, who just takes it and eggs on the listeners to abuse him even more. It’s all in good fun … perhaps.

Bangin’ With Butler is a video show in which Butler and Casey Crenshaw, Butler’s former American Heartbreak band mate, talk about rock or what’s going on with themselves and show rock videos, usually the worse the video the better.

While distinctly Butler free, Please Kill Me Radio, which I can only assume is named for the Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, is also a part of the Rock and Roll Geek Network. Instead, Casey Crenshaw and Brant Boy man the mics. Where Butler’s shows tend to stick to power pop and classic rock, Please Kill Me Radio goes for more punk, metal, and hardcore — all Pod Safe, of course.

I must confess, of all these shows Good Clean Fun has grown to be my favorite. Maybe it’s the chats. Maybe it’s the Two-for-Tuesdays. Maybe it’s Jasper’s disgust with Butler’s running gags. Maybe it’s Butler’s abuse of Jasper. Maybe it’s the listeners’ abuse of Jasper. Maybe it’s…

Who am I kidding? It’s the Jasper abuse.

by: Molly

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