The Love Guru Soundtrack

Canadian comedic actor Mike Myers has created another alter-ego, this time he plays Love Guru Pitka who reveals all his wisdom through song. Never lacking authenticity, or maybe he just misses rocking out as Wayne Campbell, Myers himself sings many of the songs on the soundtrack.

The soundtrack, released by Lakeshore Records, also features tunes from greats such as George Clinton and Robbie Nevil. The soundtrack offers up cover songs from Myers as well as a remix of late 90’s hit “Brimful of Asha” by Cornershop.

The disc begins with the Indian-influenced instrumental “Morning Meditation,” a relaxing and beautiful song. It seamlessly transitions into Myers’ rendition of “9 to 5,” which comes out a bit goofy given his accent for the role, but is still catchy and dynamic. I dig remixes almost as much as I love cover songs and Norman Cook‘s remix of “Brimful of Asha” is just as catchy and fun as the original as its tempo is increased and sporadically incorporates twinges of ambient Indian music.

Myers duets with Manu Narayan on “More Than Words” before his version of Steve Miller Band‘s “The Joker” makes its appearance, sounding as if it fell right out of a Bollywood film with the obvious use of a sitar and twinkling percussion. The most invigorating and dynamic song on the soundtrack comes from Telma Hopkins And Toronto Children’s Concert Choir singing “Lead Me To Your Rock.” Hopkins can belt it out and “Lead Me To Your Rock” is, oddly, the perfect song to precede rapper B.A.S.K.O.‘s “Big Boi.”

The Love Guru soundtrack seems to have a slight case of dissociative identity disorder as tracks by Robbie Nevil and Celine Dion follow, totally out of place. These are followed by the heavily Indian tune “Mere Mitwa Mere Meet Re” by Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd. Rafi, again something straight out of a Bollywood flick. Though retaining that Indian flavor, George Clinton’s “Guru Vindaloo” is the most solid track on the album with “Mathar” by Danny Saber taking a close second. Both tracks are completely instrumental and nothing short of completely cool.

The soundtrack includes three short bits of dialogue, of which all fall short on a scale of 1 to funny. Hopefully those snippets aren’t the best the movie has to offer, otherwise movie goers will be pretty disappointed. Also falling short is the “Guru Pitka Chant” by Guru Pitka’s Ashram Band. Had Clinton’s and Saber’s tracks been the last, a so-so soundtrack would’ve ended in gusto letting the listener forget the mediocrity that preceded it. Instead, we’re reminded why summer blockbuster soundtracks rarely maintain steady rotation in the CD player.

The Love Guru soundtrack is available on June 17th via Lakeshore Records and the movie will hit theaters on June 20th.

01) Andrew Mendelson – Morning Meditation
02) Mike Myers – 9 To 5
03) Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) *
04) Mike Myers – Stop Hitting Yourself (dialog)
05) Mike Myers and Manu Narayan – More Than Words
06) Mike Myers – The Joker
07) Telma Hopkins and Toronto Children’s Concert Choir – Lead Me To Your Rock *
08. B.A.S.K.O. – Big Boi
09) Robbie Nevil – C’est La Vie
10) Celine Dion – I Drove All Night
11) Mike Myers – My Name Is Guru Pitka (dialog)
12) Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi – Mere Mitwa Mere Meet Re
13) George S. Clinton – Guru Vindaloo *
14) Danny Saber – Mathar *
15) Mike Myers – Guru Lineage (dialog)
16) Guru Pitka’s Ashram Band – Guru Pitka Chant

* recommended listening

The Love Guru: website | myspace | stream “The Joker”
Lakeshore Records: website | myspace


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