Katy Perry – One of the Boys

I listened to Los Angeles singer Katy Perry’s One of the Boys and I liked it. Logic told me I should hate this album, but my subconscious was hooked. Therefore, my feelings toward this album are torn for several reasons.

First, the good: Perry is a fantastic singer. Her vocal range is amazing and she shows this well on songs like “Lost,” a heavenly self-reflective piece and one of the few slower tracks on the album worth remembering. She is a witty singer, which is evident in lyrics like “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes” or “I don’t even know your name. It doesn’t matter.” She is also refreshingly blunt and her last song, “Fingerprints,” drips with her feisty attitude when she sings, “I wanna break the mold / I wanna break the stereotype / Fist in the air / I’m not going down without a fight.”

Her singles are irresistibly catchy, despite the controversy they create. Moms will surely cringe as they listen to their teenagers sing along to “Ur So Gay” or “I Kissed a Girl,” but through the cringe, moms will have the same lyrics stuck in their head.

And now it’s time for the bad. It is nice when a singer can balance slower numbers with the fast-paced anthems of the album so that both styles are entertaining and memorable. For Perry, however, this proved difficult and tracks like “Thinking of You” are easily lost in the shuffle. “Waking Up in Vegas,” a track which Perry also co-produced, has a fun chorus, but the introduction is so boring it isn’t worth listening to the song all the way through. The other major problem with this album is that everything starts to blend after awhile. As fun as “Hot N Cold” is, it is very musically similar to “If You Can Afford Me.” Finally, what starts as an impressive ability to jump around the vocal scale, starts to get annoying.

So, as I was saying, it was hard to decide if I liked this album because Perry does have talent and there are some really good tracks on the record, but there are also tracks worth skipping. I do like her better than similar female artists like Lily Allen or Kate Nash. I’m sure that by her next release, Perry will find the proper balance to release an all-around solid album. But for now, take a listen yourself and decide on the tracks that are worth downloading from iTunes and which can be skipped.

Released by Capitol Records on June 17, 2008. You can also catch Katy live on Warped Tour all summer long!

01. One of the Boys
02. I Kissed a Girl
03. Waking Up in Vegas
04. Thinking of You
05. Mannequin
06. Ur So Gay
07. Hot N Cold
08. If You Can Afford Me
09. Lost
10. Self-Inflicted
11. I’m Still Breathing
12. Fingerprints

Katy Perry: website | myspace | blog | interview with | stream, watch “I Kissed a Girl” remix

*Written by Bethany


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