Father Bloopy – Ginger, Baby

Father Bloopy‘s album Ginger, Baby is a gem if I’ve every heard one. It’s a fairly eclectic mix of tracks and it’s really impressive to see a band switch it up like that. They have a more classic sound, with influences like The Kinks (another personal favorite of mine) very present in their music.

Father Bloopy has much more to offer than just an indie band with obvious influences. They believe in what they do and they’re having fun, which comes through really clearly on this album. Roger Houdaille, the group’s lead singer and main songwriter, has a really great kind of stripped down and unintrusive voice that is perfectly suited for the songs on this album. The band backs him up perfectly and everything just comes together so well.

The songs are short but never vapid, and some sweet guitar solos pop up every once in awhile. Check out “Hot Down,” which is probably my favorite track on the whole album, for evidence of this. “You’re all right baby / You’re all right baby / You’re all right” comes out in the best way possible from Houdaille. “Pepper Tan” is a great song to play in the car, especially for those silences that inevitably pop up on road trips with friends. Title track “Ginger, Baby” is so smart and catchy and fun that it’ll pull you right into the rest of the album with complete ease.

The album has a couple mediocre moments but other than that Father Bloopy and Ginger, Baby are great finds. They remind me of Cold War Kids, but that might just be because they were the last really great newcomer music find I ran into. They’re definitely not as dramatic as Cold War Kids but I think they’re just as talented and they definitely share some musical elements.

Father Bloopy are following a tradition of bands that just really love to make music that’s fun to listen to but still has a little depth to them. It’s the kind of music that you get really excited to put on mixes for your friends, like you’re letting them in on a little bit of your musical world. Their music will be something you feel close to and keep coming back to.

Father Bloopy: website | myspace

* Written by Jimmy


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