Radiohead: The Best Of DVD Giveaway

I’ve always felt that Radiohead bordered on being something epic. The buzz surrounding the group, its members and their music is on a level with nothing else I have ever experienced. With each release the band gained experience, exposure and a fairly impressive balance of respect from fans and critics alike. Following a career spanning 16 years and six studio releases, the group has finally rewarded fans by releasing a greatest hits album Radiohead: The Best Of, on EMI/Capitol. Also being released will be a collection of music videos by the same title.

We at Popwreckoning were recently handed 2 promotional DVDs to pass on to our readers as a thank you for supporting the site. If you’re interested in winning one of these prizes, please email the answers to the following three questions to Joshua at

1. Who created the characters in the music video for “Paranoid Android,” which are from the Scandinavian cartoon Robin?

2. What book is Radiohead’s song “2 + 2 = 5” off of the album “Hail To The Thief” in reference to?

3. In this video, directed by Grant Gee, Tom Yorke can be seen holding his breathe underwater for just over a minute. What is the name of the video and the album the song appeared on?

Okay, go!

Radiohead: Website | Myspace | The Best of Website

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