Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson/White Rabbits – Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia

Bloggers have been showing lots of love for Brooklyn’s Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, and it’s no surprise. Finishing up sound check on Wednesday night at Johnny Brenda’s, Robinson introduced his backing band as “the Black Boys” before launching into a gritty rock song with lots of reverb. The powerfully voice Robinson is wildly energetic on stage, jumping around, swinging his guitar and at one point ripping all the strings off one of his guitars in a fit of musical passion.

A heavy bass drum drove forward many songs in the set, yet the four on stage knew how to mellow out into a melodic rock sound when the time came for a breather from the tough as nails rock and roll they started with. The jaunty, folky and epic internet phenomenon “Buriedfed” ended the set, showcasing Robinson’s amazing handling of the guitar. His fusion of classic folk and rock is a natural fit that is executed flawlessly. Robinson’s raging energy that amped up the crowd winning them over and making it a hard act to follow.

Fellow Brooklynites, by way of Columbia, Mo. White Rabbits headlined the night and put on a hell of a show. An hour long set flew by in a blur of drums, synth melodies and spastic riffs, turning Johnny Brenda’s into one of the best dance parties this side of Girard Avenue. The dual drums played by Matthew Clark and Jamie Levinson created a larger than life sound and each alternatively jumped up from behind their respective kits to dance around stage with a tambourine or to aid Stephen Patterson on the keys, which he had no trouble dominating.

Guitarist Alexander Even tore up both his guitar and the stage in a bout of hyperactivity induced by his own bands’ “honky-tonk calypso.” For the most part, White Rabbits’ set was tight and consistent, leading up to a barrage of noise for the encore. Absolutely dance friendly indie rock and not a band to be missed.

New Yorkers can catch White Rabbits and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson on Saturday, June 7th with The Subjects at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson: myspace | download “Buriedfed”
White Rabbits: website | myspace


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