Rilo Kiley – Terminal 5, NYC

Rilo Kiley played two shows in NYC this week (6/2 & 6/3) at Terminal 5. The venue is newer and larger than most on the island, holding a capacity of 3,000, and it was full to the brim both nights.

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, a trio fronted by the intense Thao Nguyen, played support. Nguyen’s lyrics are evocative and the presentation is innovative. If you’ve never heard their stuff, go listen. I am inclined to say that I prefer the live show to the studio work, however, so if you have an opportunity to see them, do it. It looks like they’re doing headlining shows without Rilo Kiley here and there, too. If you happen to be in NYC, they’re playing a late show at the Mercury Lounge (with Everest, $10) tonight.

Back to the main event: Rilo Kiley. Not much to say, really. Jenny Lewis is the queen of indie rock and she probably knows it, but she’s really good at keeping humble on-stage. And she might be the most adorable thing in the entire world. And Blake Sennett? Well, damn! Pinsky sure can play that guitar.

Here are some photos:


8 Responses

  1. excellent photos !

  2. major girl crush on jenny for obvious reasons AND on the wildly talented and wonderfully sneaky dese’rae! so stoked to have you!

  3. glad you guys like them. hey jess, where do we start on the marriage tour?

  4. I’ll be away on business next week, but how’s the week after looking? NJ, Mass, Cali, and Hawaii here we come!

  5. holla!

  6. Great pix! Great shows! For the most part, I just about forgot that I was in Terminal 5 for 2 whole nights.

  7. hey, thanks! i’ve decided i don’t much like the venue, but god, i had a fantastic time at those shows.

  8. […] with the Get Down Stay Down: website | myspace | NYC, Phila. live […]

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