Ladytron – Velocifero

Ladytron‘s latest album, Velocifero is the most inspiring stuff I’ve heard since Arcade Fire‘s Funeral. This is a truly spectacular album that I’m suggesting for purchase immediately. The album drops today so you’re just in time to get in on what’s going to be a summer smash.

The first single off the album, “Ghost,” is one hundred percent Ladytron genius. The song is crafted expertly, with an attention-grabbing opening riff that is eventually interrupted by in-your-face instrumentals and strong but still catchy vocals. I’ve been playing that one over and over. From beginning to break down the song is a hit.

I remember in high school I used to go to this goth club in Pittsburgh located under Club Laga, the most popular club venue in town. When Ladytron first came out they would play industrial remixes of “Seventeen,” so this band has kind of stuck with me as a relic of that era. And while this album lacks some of the cheekiness of their previous work, songs like “Runaway” are bona fide club bangers and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them in the alternative dance clubs and trendier bars all through the summer.

“Burning Up” will carry you effortlessly into a world where neon t-shirts and white blazers are considered really cool and everything is more fun than you’d ever experienced. “Kletva” is so easily listenable it’s eerie. “Predict the Day,” opens up with and includes a sweet whistle; I have to admit, I’m a total sucker for the whistle. The song would knock the ubiquitous PB&J “Young Folks” out of the water if it had the chance to. “Predict the Day” features some of the most intense and immersing beats on Velicifero. It’s definitely got some darkness too it as well which I think only adds to the already edgy Ladytron sound.

In short this album is not something you should hear about from your friends. It’s the kind of thing you need to pick out for yourself and get into it in in whatever way you see appropriate. And I’m incredibly glad that this is me, and will be for many others, a fantastic summer-kick off album. Catch it in store today!

Ladytron: website | myspace | download “Black Cat”

by: Jimmy


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