Ed Harcourt – The Beautiful Lie

Technically speaking, Ed Harcourt’s newest album, The Beautiful Lie, isn’t really new at all. Hell, for that matter it isn’t even his latest release. In reality, Harcourt’s fourth studio album dropped across the pond in early June of 2006. Before the disc could reach shelves in the States, however, Harcourt was dropped by label Astralwerks. Regardless, June 3rd marks the date of the long awaited American release of The Beautiful Lie, on the New York based record label, Dovecote Records.

While The Beautiful Lie itself was well worth the wait, Harcourt himself too seems to have wised up a little in the time it took to finish the album. It would seem that his quest to become Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright or Ray Davies has finally come to an end, and he has finally started making music as someone he has a little experience playing the role of; himself.

His songs for the saddened man meets slightly over dramatic jazz style works for him in a way that few others can capture. While some would say The Beautiful Lie drags on endlessly from beginning to end, I would counter with the words consistent flow. It embarks on its path and stays the course until the listener has reached its destination. I see nothing wrong with that. And while Harcourt himself describes this album as “all Gothic storytelling, madness, darkness and despair,” I must confess, in his despair I find hope.

Hope that his music inspires someone to try to be the next Ed Harcourt.

Ed Harcourt: website | myspace

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