Clap Trap EP

Though suffering from a fairly unfortunate choice of names, Lancaster (lank-ester, not lan-caster) quartet Clap Trap knows how to bring in the funk. Their four song EP, and a list of influences including Hendrix, Marley, Dylan and Phish, proves it.

The disc begins with lots of energy in the drums, compliments of drummer Brian Shultz. The production value is slightly fuzzy, but the warped riffs and bouncy bass hooks you into “Haven’t You Heard.” Shay Bromer‘s bass lines, complimented by Asher Johnson‘s rhythm guitar, are the defining feature of the album, driving songs forward yet providing a very relaxed dub/rock steady vibe, bordering on ska but without the hyperactivity.

Lead guitarist Andrew Kirwin plays chilled out riffs on “Forwards, Backwards, No Words” but breaks into an almost surf rock riff for the intro to “Meant To Be Free.” The former is very bouncy and driving, making for a great summertime anthem. The latter would also make for a great summertime song, though “Meant To Be Free” is for those twilight hours in between winding down from a day at the beach and partying hard in the long summer nights. Definitely an album to own as the days get hotter and the nights get longer.

Clap Trap will be playing this year’s Skook-A-Palooza, a memorial festival, on Saturday, June 28th at the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds. Check out their MySpace page for more details.

1. Haven’t You Heard
2. Forwards, Backwards, No Words
3. This is Why
4. Meant To Be Free

Clap Trap: myspace
Skook-A-Palooza: myspace

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