Joan As Police Woman "To Be Loved" Video, New Album

Joan Wasser, best know as Joan As Police Woman, has a new video for “To Be Loved” that you can watch below. On June 10th, she’ll release a new album titled To Survive on Cheap Lullaby Records, featuring a duet with Rufus Wainwright.

To Survive is Joan As Police Woman’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed Real Life. Of To Survive, Wasser says, “I am always trying to dig deeper into the emotional experience. I want to access the most honest place I can, distill it and present it in a way that makes sense musically.”

When Wasser re-invented herself as a solo artist, after a life spent playing in bands or on the records of more famous people, she listened to a friend who said she looked like Angie Dickinson, the star of the American 70’s TV cop show “Policewoman,
think “Charlie’s Angels” for a tougher crowd. Her sound is much sweeter than her moniker suggests. Wasser is a classically trained violin player with diva vocals and a street punk attitude.

To Survive is a collection of songs Wasser wrote mostly in the shadow of her mother’s battle with cancer, which ended in her death last year. The album centers on Joan as piano player and singer. The guitars are mixed way back and the pop hooks are seamlessly bedded into the idiosyncratic flow of the melodies. “I’ve become obsessed with taking stuff out, leaving only the most potent elements in place,” says Wasser. “I got more into blending and integration and subtlety. I just want to be courageous enough to feel and express as much as possible and that means all the emotions, true integration.”

Look for To Survive in stores on June 10th.

Joan As Police Woman
: website | myspace | watch “To Be Loved”


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