Kill You In The Face @ The Fire, Battle of the Vans 7"

As a native Philadelphian, I’ve got an innate affinity for all things Philadelphia: the Eagles; cheesesteaks; LOVE Park; Philadelphia bands, especially. If you know anything about the Philadelphia music scene, DIY label Punk Rock Payroll should be on your short list of favorites, home to great bands such as The Extraordinaires and Kill You In The Face. I caught the set of the latter band at The Fire in Philadelphia’s Fishtown section not long ago, and was treated to an energetic set that left me wanting more.

The bar went from virtually empty to packed as Kill You In The Face performed only their sound check. When the trio launched into their energetic set, it was easy to see and hear why The Fire’s patrons didn’t want to miss a single note flowing forth from the stage. Kill You In The Face’s set began loud, fast and driving, and before I knew it, they’d already blasted through two songs. Drummer Alejandro Torres also provides most of the band’s lead vocals, a brave and tricky for any band to pull off successfully, which Kill You In The Face nails.

The musicianship on “An Interruption” blew me away. It started loud and fast but soon slowed down, giving the song an epic-like feel that was incredible. Staccato beats and dueling vocals between Torres and guitarist Mike Romeo littered “Cut and Run” in a post-punk style that ended with the pair and bassist Adam Plante shred like it was going out of style and the song’s end, creating a clusterfuck of glorious noise.

Pounding drums, sick bass lines, shredding riffs and occasional screaming define Kill You In The Face’s live set, creating good times and great tunes for the enjoyment of the band themselves and the audience alike.

Set List: Exploding Man, Maybe Next Year, An Interruption, Cut & Run, An Urgency, Diablo, Fight Like Hell

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While Kill You In The Face doesn’t currently have any upcoming shows, you can get your fix from their split with fellow Punk Rock Payrollers The Extraordinaires on the Battle of the Vans 7″. This beautiful piece of vinyl (it’s red with splotches of white) not only comes with 3 Kill You In The Face tracks and 3 tracks by The Extraordinaires, but you also get the Battle of the Vans board game, hand screened by Punk Rock Payroll’s big cheese himself, Frede Zimmer. Check out what went into the making of the game:

Two great bands and six amazing songs on gorgeous vinyl, a kickass and original board game and digital download of the songs for the technologically inclined. How could you not want to own this? I’m still as stoked about it today as I was when I received mine in the mail all those weeks ago. I highly recommend scoring a copy of your own.

Side A, The Extraordinaires:
1. “The Confession of Kyle Griever”
2. “The Chicken, The Egg, or The Song”
3. “The Evolution of a Greedy Bastard”

Side B, Kill You In The Face:
1. “Diablo”
2. “An Urgency”
3. “Cut and Run”

Kill You In The Face: website | myspace
Punk Rock Payroll: website | buy Battle of the Vans 7″

[where: 412 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia PA]


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