Weezer’s "Pork and Beans" Video

Today, Weezer launched their own YouTube channel to coincide with the premier of the band’s new music video “Pork And Beans.” The video, brainchild of director Mathew Cullen (Beck‘s “Girl,” Modest Mouse‘s “Dashboard”), features cameos by 15 different YouTube stars; this is the first time a major label band has featured such a multitude of YouTube celebrities in their video. Cameo appearances include Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain), Lauren Caitlin Upton (Junior Miss South Carolina), Judson Laipply (Evolution of Dance) and many more.

“It was mayhem making the video,” recalls Weezer guiartist Brian Bell, “we were performing with all these amazing YouTube celebrites, and I felt like I had walked into my own computer.”

Weezer’s YouTube channel will also feature an introduction from the band themselves, behind the scenes clips from the making of “Pork and Beans,” archived videos and new content just for the YoutTube community.

Weezer: website | myspace | youtube | food fight | preorder Red album standard, deluxe
Motion Theory: website

One Response

  1. This is fantastic!
    like such as Ms. South Carolina! Peanutbutter Jelly time banana! Liam Sullivan! Chocolate Rain!
    Amazing. Bravo Weezer.

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