A Message From Khaela Maricich

Dear Everyone,

Here comes the warm air of another Portland summertime. It’s been four years since The Blow (aka me, Khaela Maricich) moved here to Portland. On Saturday, June 14th, we’re going to celebrate this anniversary with a concert at The Aladdin Theater. Local geniuses Glass Candy will be playing the show as well, and the equally brilliant DJ Beyonda will be spinning records before the sets.

The show will be a jubilee-celebration of lots of things: the two records (Poor Aim: Love Songs, Paper Television) that The Blow has recorded for K here in Portland (with Jona Bechtolt of YACHT), the end of a long string of Blow tours, the arrival of the river-swimming season (and the fact that I am here to enjoy it). The Blow has enjoyed a really thrilling and lucky few years of touring. I’ve gotten to perform the recent songs in a lot of cool far-flung places, and I’ve had the pleasure of creating a few different performances as vehicles for conveying the meanings inside of the music. I’m real excited to have one final explosion of a show, here in Portland. After this, all these songs are going into song-retirement, not appearing in anymore shows, moving to Key West, buying flamingos for the yard, making way for the next generation of projects by The Blow. Come see this one night only special performance, with all the old songs dressed up to kill and jumping through hoops of fire.

Somehow, the show is magically all-ages while also having beers available for purchase, so bring the teenagers, take a cab, and come ready to set it off.



June 14, 2008
The Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukee Ave
Portland Ore.

The Blow (9:30 PM)
Glass Candy (8:00 PM)
DJ Beyonda (7:00 PM)
ALL AGES! $13 Advance/$14 Day OF

Aladdin Theater


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