Give More, Get More has introduced a new digital sales project called “Give More. Get More.” In an effort to remind everyone why albums matter, Insound will donate $0.25 of their take to a touring band for every mp3 album that is purchased from the site (sorry kids, EPs and singles won’t do the trick). They’ve chosen 6 bands to provide the funds to, though each individual purchaser can earmark which band will get the $0.25 donation from their order(s). If no earmark is set, the money will be split equally amongst all the bands.

Shoppers are not limited to donating just the $0.25 from their purchase, they can additionally donate as much as they want with 100% of that donation going to the band of their choice, or again with money being split amongst all the acts involved. The bands currently involved are:

The Big Sleep
Russian Circles
The Twilight Sad

Insound is obsessed with the process of music discovery. They love helping music fans learn about and listen to something new. Now, with every digital album (again, no EPs or single), Insound will offer our customers a free monthly sampler of 10-15 tracks, hand-selected by Insound as a free MP3 download at checkout. You get two albums for the price of one!

Insound will create a new mixtape each month so customers can discover the best new music again and again. All they ask is that when you discover something you like, you come back and buy the album. With this business model, everyone wins, and that’s why PopWreck(oning) can get behind a business like Insound.

Insound: website | free downloads


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