Air Traffic – Record Bar, Kansas City

There is nothing rock star about headlining a show at eight o’clock at night. Honestly, it fucking blows. At the time that your set is ending, people are just starting to come out. Hell, on normal nights, most bands haven’t even arrived at the venue to play yet. Coupled with the fact that most people didn’t even realize this band was playing, due to really poor publicity on the venue’s part, it’s turned out to be a tough night to play Kansas City.

That, however, would not affect Air Traffic‘s set. By bringing to the stage the same intensity and relentlessly catchy hooks as their magnificent album Fractured Life, the following couldn’t seem more obvious: Kansas City has no clue what they’re missing. Combining the greatest aspects of Hot Hot Heat‘s infectious vocals with Coldplay and Radiohead‘s beautiful orchestration of piano and guitar, this is not a band that you’re likely to catch in a venue the size of the Record Bar in the future. In fact, this is me calling it: Air Traffic is destined to play arenas, not dive bars.

There is no arguing the fact that this band is tight. Every note falls where it is aimed, and each instrument is perfectly balanced against the other. The blend is nice, allowing the piano to rise above the other voices just enough to stand out. Honestly, I believe this to be one of the best mixes I have ever experienced. Chris Wall‘s vocals flawlessly reached levels most voices couldn’t. David Ryan Jordan‘s percussion beats were perfectly structured to support guitarist Tom Pritchard‘s careful placed chord progressions. The only real setback of the evening was a’ minor injury of the group’s bassist Jim Maddock, who fought on and finished the set after bleeding pretty intensely through the band’s first three numbers. Despite his injury, the man didn’t miss a beat. You may officially color me impressed.

On a slightly unrelated note, I feel that it needs to be stated that this concert also featured a very strong showing by three very talented Kansas City bands: Another Holiday, The Belated and Queen’s Club. These bands’ sets were all very tight and each unique in their own way. Coupled with Air Traffic, this lineup was pretty much flawless. Sadly, however, very few people saw it. But those who did truly caught a gem.

Air Traffic’s Website
Air Traffic’s Myspace


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