Static of the Gods – Peluche EP, Live at The Fire

Boston-based indie rock trio Static of the Gods have put together the beautiful Peluche EP, three rhythm-heavy songs rich in melody, sweet vocals provided by front woman Jen Johnson and ambient, reverb drenched guitar riffs. California native Johnson was pursuing a degree in classical voice in Boston when she met drummer Mike Latulippe. They later happened upon baritone guitar player and bassist Ben Voskeritchian and Static of the Gods was formed.

Peluche is a follow-up to 2007’s full-length Cycles Follow Signs. The EP showcases the growth of Static of the Gods that comes with the experience of extensive touring and continuous writing. The EP, whose artwork was created by Latulippe, highlights a rich and ambient sound with big drums, progressive rock riffs, and unique and beautiful vocals. Peluche is hugely melodic, beautifully smooth and absolutely impressive. Watch the title track’s video created by The Curiosity Group:

The band’s paramount sound on the record is only championed by their live show. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the trio play at Philadelphia’s The Fire. The show was running about an hour late, but every note that flowed forth from the stage proved that it was worth the wait. What the audience assumed was just going to be a quick sound check turned into a bass drum heavy first song featuring Johnson’s beautiful vocals, similar to those of Nicole Barille of mr. Gnome.

The audience immediately ended their conversations and listened in awe to Static of the Gods before snapping out of a trance and moving to the front of the stage. Gorgeously distorted guitar chords echoed from the stage as Johnson sang and Latulippe pounded away on the drum kit driving each song. The intimacy of the Fire is what makes it great, but Static of the Gods’ dynamic sound belongs in a larger venue like Johnny Brenda’s or even the Trocadero.

Johnson told the crowd that they’d been writing new songs while on a national tour in April and were playing them for the first time in front of the Philadelphia audience last night. “You really are the very first people to hear this song,” she said of “Meteor Flights,” a low and ambient shoegaze tune. The next song, “Ghosts,” was also new and saw Latulippe going crazy on the drums while Voskeritchian remained professionally as he skillfully played the baritone guitar. For the band’s last set, he picked up the bass guitar creating a heavy bass line while Johnson utilitzed the keyboard to her left. The entire set was ambient, beautiful and tightly played and I was simply beyond impressed.

As Static of the Gods wrapped up the set, unfortunately shortened due to time constraints, a man in the crowd headed towards the band’s merch table and I heard him say, “I think I wanna go buy 10 CDs.” If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

Definitely check out Static of the Gods and make sure to see them live the next time they’re playing near you — you won’t be sorry.

01. Peluche
02. Tarnished Cities
03. Jaguar Song

Set List: Intro Song, Peluche, Push Pull, Meteor Flights, Ghosts, Jaguar Song, 326

Tour Dates:
Jun 7 – The Middle East Upstairs (18+)/Cambridge, MA
w/ Pela, The Motion Sick, Shawn Fogel

Static of the Gods: website | myspace | watch “Peluche”


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