Interview With: Boo and Boo Too

A few nights ago, after returning home from watching Boo and Boo Too open for The Little Ones and Ra Ra Riot at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence, Kansas, I discovered that my face to face interview was unable to be transcribed. A band playing while I chatted up the guys and the audio recorder picked that up instead of myself and Boo and Boo Too. I’m truly bummed, as the interview was a very laid back, intelligent conversation with new friends. The guys of Boo were bummed too, but they were great enough to re-answer my questions via email. So, for your reading pleasure:

Joshua, PopWreck(oning): What are you currently listening to?
Boo and Boo Too: Lately we’ve been listening to the new Animal Collective EP as well as the new No Age album. Also, Autolux‘s Future Perfect. The Shangri LasMyrmidons of Melodrama, and SwirliesBlonder Tongue Audio Baton.
PW: If you could form a tour featuring you and any other two bands who would your tour feature?

BBT: The Armory and Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk.
PW: You have the ability to reform any disbanded group. Who do you put back together?

BBT: The Smiths for the nostalgia and sheer entertainment value. The Beatles for the second coming of Christ.
PW: You guys list The Breeders as influences of your musical career. Did you happen to catch the show when it came through Lawrence?

BBT: We all caught the show and it was amazing; it was so rad to watch the interactions between Kelley and Kim. We have to return a rubber ducky to Kim Deal now.
PW: “Noise rock” is how I’ve most often heard you described. So to those people who describe that sound as noise just for sake of making noise, what is it about wall of sound that you find appealing?

BBT: Microtones and phantom harmonics are appealing to all of us. We definitely aren’t just making noise for the sake of it, and I think that’s pretty obvious if you listen to any of our recordings. We’re not really a noise band.
I think basically it’s just a matter of how we all play music together and how we use guitars. We use guitars in a very messy sort of way; we’re interested in exploring broader sounds and making pop songs with less defined edges. We don’t really plan out how the songs are going to progress; everything stems from ideas that change as we continue to play. So I wouldn’t say us being noisy is preconceived or our main intent.
PW: Tell me a little about your ability to overcome lineup changes.
BBT: In the beginning, a few years ago, when the band had first started, we went through a lot of lineup changes. For the EP we recorded over a year and half ago now, we were solidified as a five-piece. After that, the drummer we recorded those songs with moved away and our original drummer rejoined the band. As we recorded our upcoming album, No Tempo, another friend of ours joined the band, so now it’s the six of us. We’re not a band that rotates members though; our current lineup is the definitive group. We all write the songs.
PW: As a Lawrence, Kansas band, tell the world why the Lawrence scene matters?

BBT: Lawrence is one of those towns that has a ton of creative stuff going on, but it may or may not reach the coasts, so a wider audience may or may not be aware of it. All of our friends are in bands and we’re all constantly playing music and putting on basement shows and having weird adventures in town. Everyone is an artist and is doing his or her own thing and is in a band. It’s really not a lot different from Baltimore or other bigger cities like that. It’s a nice little oasis in the middle of Kansas.
PW: I found the band’s blog very informative, specifically the insights into your musical taste. Just for fun, rattle off bands when I say the following words. Saddest.
BBT: Elliott Smith, Klimek
Beach Boys, Weezer
PW: Tell me about the process of getting the new EP completed. Were there any horror stories or crowning achievements?
BBT: Our guitar player Luke had to give birth to Steve Squire‘s two-headed minion a couple of times. That was trying, but we made it through.
PW: is sure that you guys are bound to explode. What do you believe you guys need to accomplish in order to prove them right?
BBT: Staying on our current course!
PW: Who are your favoriate bands to play with?
BBT: Gang Gang Dance were really nice to us and were one of the most interesting bands we’ve played with.
PW: What current trend in music would you not mind seeing go away?

BBT: That Peter, Bjorn & John song. Now we are forever cursed to hearing birds outside the house humming the tune.
PW: Of all the bands that have come from Lawrence, who would you peg as your favorite?
BBT: The Armory, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Coat Party, SSION, Blood on the Wall.

Tour Dates:
May 25 – Jackpot Saloon (w/ Snowden, Colour Revolt)
Jun 26 – Jackpot Saloon (w/ Modey Lemon)
Jul 12 – Replay Lounge (w/ Paper Airplanes, Ad Asper Per Asper)
Jul 13 – Record Bar (w/ Paper Airplanes, Jennifer O’ Connor, Son Ambulance)
Aug 05 – Jackpot Saloon (w/ Mutators, Night Wounds, BetelguesBetelguesBetelgues)
Aug 15 – Replay Lounge (w/ Bark Bark Bark)

Boo and Boo Too’s Website
Boo and Boo Too’s Myspace

* Barrett and Gaurav answered these questions with a little help from Oscar Allen…


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