Motion City Soundtrack: Acoustic EP

When it comes to music, Motion City Soundtrack has never let me down. Not once. That’s not a very common thing to be able to say in the music business. Their debut full length, I Am The Movie, didn’t leave my CD player for well over two years, and was only replaced by the band’s second cut, Commit This to Memory. Then, in late 2007, Even if it Kills Me was released, containing the world’s catchiest single, “Broken Heart.”

Not to be outdone by their catchy as fuck catalog, Motion City Soundtrack can also boast one hell of a show. Moog-stands and high energy round out the best of what this band has to offer. Their ability to be trendy with the pop kids while remaining fan favorites of the Warped Tour crowd has always impressed me. All in all, they’re one of the best power-pop bands around.

May 6th, however, marked a new page for Motion City Soundtrack. They took on a stripped down sound that is nearly impossible to hide behind. The bass was replaced with a cello and the vocals slid to the front, allowing the songs’ messages to trump the moog. The simplicity of the songs, which are torn down to their bones and structured on piano and acoustic guitars, really seems to work for this band. The way Justin Pierre chooses to word his struggles with the simplest tasks in life honestly allow him come off as more of a brilliant tragedy than a bumbling idiot. His whine, side by side with that of a violin, makes for the most wonderful combination most people would have never thought to ever put in the same room.

The five tracks on this untitled acoustic EP are all simply restructured cuts from the group’s recent effort, Even if it Kills Me. Yet, each song seems to completely take on a new sense of life within its new sound. “Broken Heart” and “Fell in Love Without You” stand out as the EP’s signatures tracks, but the others tag behind very closely in terms of talent and beauty. Please, do yourself a favor and check these songs out yourself.

Motion City Soundtrack’s Website
Motion City Soundtrack’s Myspace
Epitaph Records


4 Responses

  1. Hey Josh, where can I find a copy of this? On their website?

  2. I know that you can get it on Itunes, and I believe it is for sale in hardcopy form only at best buy.

    It’s worth getting. It’s pretty damn good.

  3. It wasn’t on Best buy’s website when I looked. I will check out MCS website later. Thanks 🙂

  4. […] if for some reason you don’t have their Acoustic EP, which we gave a glowing review, make sure you pick it up now via […]

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