David Guetta "Love is Gone" Video

If you don’t recognize the name David Guetta yet, you will soon. The producer / recording artist / promoter is already a household name in his native France and has taken the internet by storm with his music video for “Love Is Gone,” debut single from his third album Pop Life, available on Ultra Records now. It’s already scored an astounding 14.5 million YouTube views.

If you’re not one of those 14.5 million who’ve seen it, check out “Love Is Gone” now:

Guetta started out as a DJ at the age of 17 and continued spinning in the Parisian club scene throughout the nineties, but didn’t stop there. Determined to gain as large and diverse an audience as possible, Guetta broke out of the French scene and last year won a World Music Award for “Best Selling DJ.”

The 14-track Pop Life features a wide range of styles because according to Guetta, “It’s a balancing trick. When you make a track for the club, it is the repetitiveness that makes it work best; so it becomes hypnotic, like a trance. But when you listen at home, you look for music with a lot of changes – because that is what gives it emotion. And I love emotion. So I have to have both.”

David Guetta: website | myspace | watch “Love Is Gone”
Ultra Records: website


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