Gogol Bordello "Super Taranta" Giveaway

Free stuff rules doesn’t it?

Well, we here at PopWreck (oning) has a copy of Gogol Bordello‘s wonderful album Super Taranta that we’re giving away!
So here’s the plan: The first person who can answer the five questions below correctly gets the CD. It’s that simple.

Get on it kids! This is first come, first serve. Time is of the essence.

Your Questions:

01. In what year did Gogol Bordello form in New York City?

02. What is Eugene Hütz birth name?

03. In what movie was the lead character, also refered to as Eugene, based off of Hütz?

04. In what film does Gogol Bordello make a cameo at a train station where they are hired to play the Star Spangle Banner?

05. What song did Hütz and Sergey Ryabtsev performed with Madonna at London Live Aid July 7th, 2007?

Send your answers to Josh at popwreck@gmail.com. He will check them, and let you know if you have won! Have fun!


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