Boo and Boo Too – Jackpot Saloon, Lawrence, Ks

Watching Boo and Boo Too play, one would never guess that they’re playing to an almost empty room. With their arms, legs and bodies flying in ever imaginable angle, in order to create a wall of sound large enough to fill a stadium, the band has no need to pout. With a sound so full, dramatic and energetic, what’s the point of complaining?

This empty room does leave me wondering what the fuck is going on here. Shouldn’t a hometown show, featuring a band with such a charismatic live act, supporting two fairly kick-ass bands in Little Ones and Ra Ra Riot, leave the Jackpot Saloon turning people away? It’s not everyday you get to catch an act where a band give so much that the jerking of their guitars towards their amps in order to force as much feedback as humanly possible sends straps flying undone.

Aren’t those the moments we should be looking to pay for? Isn’t that what rock and roll is all about? Making music for the sake of making music, with every fucking bone in your body, regardless of whether one person or the whole fucking world hears you? It’s not about selling records or being on MTV or selling out your shows. It’s about doing what you love more than anything and tonight, during their fairly short but heartfelt set, this band proved that more than I have ever seen. And for that, they’ve gained my respect.

To those of you who missed this show, please check this band out. You will be hard pressed to find another band in Lawrence who is more worth your time. Check out the following links for further proof:

Boo and Boo Too’s Webpage
Boo and Boo Too’s Myspace

2 Responses

  1. boo n boo too t0tally sux balls maaaaan

  2. I thought they held their own in a fairly good lineup.

    But, thanks for your opinion. I guess.

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