Pomegranates – Everything is Alive, chance to win this CD!

Pomegranates is a band for all. Those who like Rilo Kiley will find solace in the group’s quick and flowing guitar structures in “The Bellhop” and “Appreciations.” If that’s not your style, maybe you’ll be happier with the way the group combines the sounds of Joan Jett and The Casual Dots in the cut “Late Night Television.”

No? Well, how about a little new wave punk by way of Elvis Costello? You can find that on the albums final track, “Thunder Meadow.” The list goes on and on. The Replacements guitar structures are accounted for. The Kinks and Modest Mouse show up, too. Hell, there’s even a pretty rad Gregorian chant meets Beatles style introduction that gets us into the album. Everything you could want, short of a Tool bass line, can be found on this album.

As for the album itself, I would be lying if I didn’t say that it is as catchy as it can possibly be. The diversity in the songs on Everything is Alive keep the listener from slipping into any sort of comfort zone that may result in boredom. The creativity is most apparent in cuts like “In the Kitchen,” a Modest Mouse meets The Shins hybrid sing-a-long, and “Who/Whom,” a flashy guitar driven indie-pop masterpiece, featuring shared vocals from both Joey Cook and Issac Karns.

The fact that the group seemingly chooses to write songs in a somewhat unorthodox manner makes them a little more appealing to me. I don’t get that feeling that the album is tired and played on first listen, as I sometimes do with artists who follow the basic structures of songwriting. Grab this uplifting album from wonderfully talented up and coming band! Their album will be released May 13th on Lujo Records.

You can, however, be the first to own Everything Is Alive by emailing me at popwreck@gmail.com. I’ve got one copy to give away, so get your entry in fast, I’ll be choosing a winner tomorrow night! Meanwhile, check out the following links:

Pomegranates Myspace
Lujo Records


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