The Anniversary: Devil on Our Side: Rarities and B-Sides

While it appears a pretty safe bet that The Get Up Kids remain the popular vote for Lawrence, Kansas chosen sons, I must confess that The Anniversary have my vote. Their 2002 release, titled Your Majesty, which was also their final release before disbanding in February of 2004, seldom leaves my record player. Yet, while other bands formed from the ashes of The Anniversary, none have really captured my attention quite the same way. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to fill the hole left by a band that’s no longer making music. Sometimes, you’re just left wanting.

However, fans of The Anniversary wont be required to want much longer. That is because June 24th will mark the date that the band’s first album in half a decade, Devil on Our Side: Rarities and B-Sides will hit store shelves. Drummer Christian Jankowski said of the new album “It’s been 10 years since The Anniversary started and almost 5 years since we ended. It’s time we opened the vault and released the lost recordings for our fans.”

Fans couldn’t agree more. The bands MySpace page blog is cluttered my messages from kids begging them for one last tour, and praising them for giving them new hope and new music, even if that music is nothing more than leftovers and forgotten tracks from previous albums.

But the thing is, even for a B-sides album, which usually tend to be on the boring and ignorable side, Devil on Our Side is fresh, crisp, and honestly, on par with most A-side albums. The moog and keyboard sound that put Lawrence on the map in the mid-to-late 90’s remains intact. The bold and beautiful vocals of Adrianne Verhoeven push through just as clearly on this album as they did on the groups previous two. The classic guitar riffs, placed stylishly by Joshua Berwanger are accounted for. Jankowski’s wonderfully formed and flowing percussion is present. The Anniversary of old remains on the new. So for those of you who are fans, circle June 24th on your calenders. As for those of you who missed this fine group of musicians their first time through, you had better grab your chance now, as I fear this will probably be your last.

The Anniversary’s Myspace
Vagrant Records

Devil on Our Side: Rarities & B-Sides track listing:
1. Fletcher Durbin
2. Alright for Now
3. Alone in Debtford
4. Those Eyes
5. Hold Me Tonight
6. Lowtide and Hospital Beds
7. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
8. I Haven’t Slept
9. Diamonds and Daisies
10. Kids in Carolina
11. 100 Ship
12. Till We Earned a Holiday

1. Vasil & Bluey
2. To Never Die Young
3. What’s My Name? My Name Is…What?! What?!
4. I Believe that the End of the Reign of Terror is Soon Near

* Photo by Phil Cauthon,


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