Cheeseburger on Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City & Vice Magazine/Colt 45 Tour

Kemado recording artists Cheesebuger are featured in one of the hottest new video games and soundtracks right now — Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City! That’s right, you can drive buckwild around Liberty City listening to “Cocaine” on the Radio Broker station… growling and prowling just like a Saturday night. Cheeseburger’s “Cocaine” alongside music by bands like LCD Soundsystem, Les Savy Fav, !!!, and more.

Check out what others have been saying:
“This Brooklyn trio’s debut updates the ragtag punk rock of the Stooges with plenty of irony. Guitarist Christy Karacas and drummer Luke Crotty play sloppily on purpose, and frontman Joe Bradley howls about cocaine and easy girls so ferociously you want to give him a glass of water. Crass, foul and politically incorrect? That’s the point.” – Rolling Stone

“It’s been a while since I’ve been able to whole-heartedly get behind a band or record. There’s always that one acoustic tune or the guy in the band who wears a scarf inside or whatever that keeps you from really championing them. This is simply a few guys who hang out at Greenpoint Tavern, slow-dance with the owner and occasionally stumble down the street to write rock songs. Record of the year so far.” – Vice

“Real-deal rock music’s been so hard for bands to pull off lately without winking or sounding like complete turds in a time machine, but not Cheeseburger. They get it. They just do. Huge riffs, amazing vocals and insane fun. AC/DC and the Stooges are apt comparisons, but somehow these references feel a bit pedestrian, because beyond all the throwback riffing, this record still manages to feel modern, which is a real feat. They are funny, but far from a joke…” – CMJ New Music Monthly

Not only does Cheeseburger appear on one of the coolest video games of the year, they will also be performing on the Vice / Colt 45 tour extravaganza in August this summer. The band will be performing in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York from August 4-9, 2008. The band will be recording a special Colt 45 45 with an ode to drinking and are currently working on their next full length album due out around February 2009.

Tour Dates:
Aug 4 – King King/Los Angeles
Aug 6 – Drunken Unicorn/Atlanta
Aug 7 – Hideout/Chicago
Aug 8 – Barbary/Philadelphia
Aug 9 – Glasslands Gallery/New York City

Cheeseburger: website | myspace
Grand Theft Auto: website | soundtrack

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