The Julia Dream’s Fan Directed Music Video Winner Announced

Atlanta rock darlings The Julia Dream unveiled the winner of their music video contest and an amazing set at their video premier party, April 25th at Vinyl. Atlanta local Dustin Els entry was chosen from the three top entries voted on by fans online over the three weeks and at the event. Watch the winning video now:

After screening the three top picks for the crowd, the band kicked into an arena worthy set. Vern made his way into the audience even more than usual and Sasha was channeling his inner rock god, perhaps inspired by the new faux hawk, getting especially into his guitar parts. Matt even marked the milestone of having a fan covet one of his picks. The crowd was especially energetic for the performance, as well.

Els’ entry was a surreal portrayal of a complicated relationship set the scene for “Transistor” off of their 2007 album Above from Beneath, also the band’s first video. After three weeks of online voting the band held a video premiere party, where attendees could add their vote to the hat (OK, it wasn’t actually a hat). Fans who voted online received a free download of the track (which is still available here!)

The Julia Dream: website | myspace



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