The Crash Modern – Good Night Glamour, Good Morning Disaster

New York indie rockers The Crash Modern bring back power pop aesthetic and harmonies of the early 80’s. Though the jet black hair and lather jackets may have fans thinking of The Ramones, their effervescent brand of power pop comes through as the perfect amalgam of Cheap Trick, The Cars, Elvis Costello, and Rick Springfield. The similarity to The Cars is especially apparent in vocalist Danny Roselle‘s singing style. Check out their debut music video for “Pimp My Life.”

The band’s debut album Good Night Glamour, Good Morning Disaster will be and instant favorite for fans of American Hi-Fi, Marvelous 3, SR-71, Waltham, and American Heartbreak. The album brings together 11 tracks of catchy melodies and crunchy guitars with just enough swagger to not take itself too seriously.

Tracks like album opener “This Time,” and “Everybody Hates Me,” Pimp My Life,” and “Be All That” are prime examples of the album’s infectious quality. Catchy melodies and harmonies make it nearly impossible to not sing along. “Everybody Hate’s Me” seems especially tailor made for singing along in your bedroom.

Offering up a more heartfelt side, the boys show off their power ballad skills on “Notice Me,” which gives way to the band’s more emotional side without being too syrupy sweet to run off the guys. The haunting sound of “Notice Me” isn’t far from the work of All American Rejects.

In an oh so 80’s-tastic move, “Solid Gold” feels like all that was great about the 80’s in one song. A driving rhythm sets the background for a keyboard riff that pops out of the song. Danny’s vocals feel almost electronically altered, adding to the retro feel.

A personal favorite has to be the single “Pimp My Life”, which has a deliciously Monkee‘s inspired video featuring the boys cavorting through a mansion. The song has a driving bass line, laidback guitar solo, and chanting, harmonious chorus of “I don’t need your money, or your drugs, or love, or your California sun. / I’m the one going numb, in your memory still. / Come on! Come on!” that can only be described as an earworm.

Then again, this is an entire album of earworms. Good Night Glamour Good Morning Disaster is available now on iTunes, on select Hot Topic Stores, and

The Crash Moderns: myspace



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