Interview with: Andrew Forsman of The Fall of Troy

I was given the opportunity to chat Andrew Forsman of The Fall of Troy before his show at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas. I must say, this was one of the most laid back interviews that I have ever had. It was just two guys, drinking beer and bullshitting about books, music and sitting on your ass, letting dreams come to you. This is my kind of guy. Check it out.

Andrew Forsman: Hey, this is cool. No stress man.
Josh/Popwreck(oning): Yeah we try to keep it calm. Therefore, lets start small! As you drive across the nation what are you currently listening to?
AF: HA! This is the funniest question ever! We bought an iPod connector for our radio, but it broke, and then we left our iPod at the venue last night. So in between those two things, we’ve probably listened to The Chronic 2000 album 50 or 60 plus times! Like, we all know all the lyrics now. It’s like ridiculous. But it’s great!
PW: Yeah, that was certainly not the answer I was expecting to hear. That fucking awesome though. Hell, I don’t even know how to follow that. Lets go with, your album Manipulator, produced by Matt Bayless. What was it like working with such a talented and well-known producer?
AF: He’s super chill. He got sorta mad at us just a little bit because we’d be super late. Well, not super late, but we’d be like an hour late, and he’d be like, “You’re just wasting your own money.” He had this white board, and he would put a gauge on it as to how pissed off he was. It was pretty funny. But he’s great. He really pushed us. I don’t know if we’re going to work with him on the next one, we like to keep switching up, but maybe. We had a great time.
PW: He seems like he’d be a good time. He has produced a lot of great bands. Speaking of a good time, you recently has a song featured on the game Guitar Hero III! That’s kind of a big deal. Tell me about the process of becoming part of a video game!
AF: I wanted to be in the game all of last year, and all of the year leading up to it. I was jokingly being like, “Oh, it’s my goal for the year.” Then they approached our record label and were like, “Can we have this song?” So I was like, “Cool!” Didn’t have to work at all, and I got my wish!”
PW: That is certainly the way to achieve your goals. I quite often sit around on my fat ass, hoping that everything with the site will fall into place. However, all that usually ends up happening is our managing editor Jess telling me to get my lazy ass in gear. Which is not the same as being in Guitar Hero III.
AF: Yes, it’s better to just let it come to you.
PW: Word. So, tell me about your recent trip to Canada. Was that your first time?
AF: We’ve played before, but we’ve always had problems, like, we’ve missed shows or had to cancel all the Canadian dates because we couldn’t get across the border. This is the first Canadian tour where we’ve made it to every show! But after the show the first night, we were at a Wendy’s drive through, and I drove our trailer over a curb. And the trailer was deceptively high, so we got stuck on it, and in the process of trying to get out, we bent our axle. So our crew had to stay in like this tiny little town in British Columbia, and we drove to meet up with Protest the Hero and we just rode on their bus.
So it was really nice for us, but it really sucked for our crew. But it was great! The shows were really cool with like tons of kids who were really receptive. So we were really happy because we didn’t think we were going to be able to do it. But Protest the Hero was like, “Dude, just come on the bus. We have room. You can sleep in the back lounge.” It was great.
PW: I think Canada is almost a better outlet for music than the States.
AF: Yeah. It’s less people and they’re more excited about when people come.
PW: Exactly, it’s almost like we’ve been spoiled. You’ve toured with a handful of high profile bands, like Coheed and Cambria. But who are your favorite bands to play with?
AF: Tera Melos. They’re fucking amazing. There’s a band from Emgland called Second Smile. They’re super good. Playing with Deftones was awesome. They’re really nice guys and they kick ass every night. I don’t know. That was probably the coolest. It was my dream tour because like, in seventh grade, that was the band that made me want to be in a band.
PW: Totally, playing with your idols is a huge deal.
AF: Yeah, it was cool.
PW: So it has been stated that your band name was NOT taken from a Tom Wait‘s song, with the same name.
AF: Yeah, we didn’t even know it existed.
PW: Where did your name actually come from?
AF: We had a name before The Fall of Troy that was The 30 Years War. To pick that one, Thomas, who was a teacher’s assistant in my history class, just flipped through a book and found that one. So, there was another band called the 30 Years War, so we were like, “Oh, we have to change our name.” So we did the same process again. It’s pretty simple, and it’s just a name. The music is more important. I mean, The Beatles is like, the worst name ever. But it’s legendary because of the music.
PW: It’s a good call. My favorite band of all time is called Ass Ponys. Names really don’t get much worse, but I simply adore their music. You’ve been described as pop meets punk-meets metal meets rock. I’m not sure what that really means. So dumb it down. Describe your sound.
AF: Well, whenever I’m talking to parents or grandparents, I just say we’re rock and roll. We’re heavy and we’re fast. Fairly technical, but we try to be melodic as well. It’s kinda that, I don’t know, it’s hard to classify. It’s a stupid human thing. You know, let’s just put everything in a category. But, whatever, it’s fine.
PW: You guys are known for borrowing your song titles from a number of different sources. Could you please give me a few examples of this?
AF: Home Alone, kinda. Like we have “Macaulay McCulkin.
” Because his name is Macaulay Culkin but in the movie his name is Kevin Macalester, so we took the Mac from Macalester. We got one from a bumper sticker, “Cut down all the trees and name the streets after them.” One from a book called House of Leaves. Yeah it’s great. I haven’t read his [Mark Z. Danielewski ] newest one, Only Revolutions but I hear it’s really good.
PW: His new one’s not as good, I but it’s still…
AF: Yeah, I heard it’s more of a love story but that’s okay.
PW: I’m impressed that you’ve even heard of House of Leaves. Nobody has ever heard of House of Leaves.
AF: Dude, I’ve read that book six or seven times. Because it’s, every time you read that book it’s amazing. I’m surprised you knew it. That’s awesome.
PW: Great book. For Poe to base that album off of it was really cool, too. Did you know about that?
AF: Oh yeah! ‘Cause that’s his sister. Right? Yeah, that’s so cool. Yeah, I haven’t heard that album. Is it like… you can’t really write music to accompany that. It’s just too out there.
PW: I’m glad nobody has approached and tried to make a movie out of it.
AF: See, I’ve heard he’s had lots of offers, but he’s like “Nah.”
PW: He’s not going to do it.
AF: It would be such a cool thing to see. It would be so awesome!
PW: If it were done correctly it would absolutely kick ass but you’d have to get somebody with a fucked up mind like [David] Lynch or …
AF: Yeah, Lynch could probably do a good job.
PW: I think Lynch could do it. I could see the Memento guy doing it, too. Yeah, I didn’t even think about that. It could be awesome.
AF: Well see, I’m sure they will. Twenty years down the line his estate will sell it off.
PW: Everybody’s got a price.
AF: Yeah.
PW: Famines of the Horizon is described as a content record. Can you tell me a little about that and what’s the difference between a content record and normal records?
AF: It’s just… it’s just like more of a story-based album. Tom has had this weird story about this guy’s that’s on this ship and all of these ghosts come. He like looks back on his life and all of these things that are… it’s just like the other albums have a theme running through them but they are not specifically written about one thing. I just think the theme comes through no matter what. So this one is more like, “So, let’s write an album something.”
PW: So each of the songs are kinda like a chapter?
AF: Yeah, right. They’re all connected.
PW: Okay, that’s cool. If you could take any broken up band and reform them who would you pick?
AF: Boch. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them.
PW: I haven’t but I’m going to go home and Google them.
AF: They are like probably the best like math core mental hardcore band. They’re from Seattle. They have the guitar player from Minus the Bear. It’s his old band. It’s like he shreds and does super mathcore done very like tastefully like polyrhythems and stuff. It’s really cool.
PW: My last question for you is… Who do you think we at Popwreck(oning) should be keeping out eyes open for. Who do you think we should we be covering?
AF: Oh, man, that’s fucking hard. I just actually heard about this band called Loom. I don’t know if you’ve heard about them. Ah they are really good, they are kinda similar to us. I just meet their guitar player last night and he’s super nice and I didn’t expect his band to be good but… it kinda blew me away.
PW: Awesome. I will definitely check that out. But, right now I’m going to get out of your way to let you move your gear. Besides, I need to be getting across town to catch Kimya Dawson.
AF: Who?
PW: The Juno girl.
AF: Right on. Catch you later?
PW: I’ll buy you a beer.

Tour Dates:
May 06 – Toad’s Place/New Haven, Connecticut
May 07
Ottobar/Baltimore, Maryland
May 08
Soapbox Laundrolounge/Wilmington, North Carolina
May 09
Masquerade/Atlanta, Georgia
May 10
The Social/Orlando, Florida
May 11
Studio A/Miami, Florida
May 13
The High Ground/Metairie, Louisiana
May 14
Meridian Red Room/Houston, Texas
May 15
The Door/Dallas, Texas
May 16
House of Rock/Corpus Christi, Texas
May 17
White Rabbit/San Antonio, Texas
May 19
The Clubhouse Music Venue/Tempe, Arizona
May 20
Glasshouse/Pomona, California
May 21
Knitting Factory/Hollywood, California
May 22
Bottom Of The Hill/San Francisco, California
May 23
Hawthorne Theater/Portland, Oregon
May 24
El Corazon/Seattle, Washington
Jun 06
Rock Im Park/Nurmberg
Jun 07
Jun 08
Rock Am Ring/Nurmbering
Jun 09
The Peel/Kingston
Jun 10
The Barfly/Liverpool
Jun 11
Jun 12

The Fall of Troy’s Webpage
The Fall of Troy’s Myspace


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