Interview With: Trever Keith

Trever Keith, front man of the legendary Face To Face is flying solo these days. His outlook on the new endeavor? “Ignorance is bliss. This isn’t Face To Face music.” It’s always difficult to start up something new, but Keith isn’t having too many issues. “It’s a little strange, but the tour is going better than expected.” While is solo effort and previous Face To Face releases are similar in tone, “the new stuff is branching out. We’re experimenting with a lot more drum loops and samples.”

Since he had been leading Face To Face for over 15 years, Trever Keith has been to Pittsburgh a number of times. “I love Pittsburgh. There’s good fans here, and I feel comfortable.” He also, most certainly, knows what’s up when it comes to new music, considering how long he’s been making it himself. Who’s doing it right in his eyes? Apparently very few. In the small handful of bands he lists: Radiohead, Grinderman, Film School, Battles, and Morrissey are the only ones who’ve got it down.

Tonight, at Pittsburgh’s 31st Street Pub, Keith is backed by a band called Say Vinyl. The group opens strong, though as the set continues, the backing band comes off as a bit lackluster. Keith, however, shines through as the seasoned performer he is. Throughout the show, he maintains excellent eye contact and interaction with the audience, giving that connection that every fan craves. It’s gratifying to note that Keith plays all of his own guitar solos, proving that he’s not grown too big for his britches, as so many performers these days have.

Through the solid mix of songs, I struggle to hear the harmonies. However, my difficulty in hearing those subtle backing vocals did not prevent me from hearing that Trever Keith’s new material is absolutely beautiful. With devastatingly relate-able lyrics such as, “I should just stay away from you / That’s why I don’t,” and “I thought I would feel something different this time / Instead I don’t feel anything at all,” connecting with this music and this man is something that takes no thought or effort. Keith’s heartbreakingly honest vocals over the absolutely beautiful lines flowing from the bass, make the idea of trusting him that much easier.

The audience clearly agrees with this sentiment. Keith sums it up by saying at one point, “I didn’t think a crowd that small could make that much noise!” He tells me later, “any fan is great, as long as there’s no heckling. Even so, it’s just gratifying to be acknowledged, and to make that connection with strangers.” There was no lack of connection in the pub tonight. Seeing this man, who truly knows how it’s done, is something not to be missed.

Trever Keith: website


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