Driver F – Chase The White Whale

Austin, Tx. is a music town, so it should come as no surprise that Austin natives Driver F know how to make great music. The six members of Driver F joined forces to make a lasting impression on the music scene and the lives of the people who listened to them, which they achieve with their sophomore release Chase The White Whale.

The album begins with the cheekily titled “Two Words Mr. President: Plausible Deniability,” a love song with funky beats and riffs the remind me of Man Man, but Driver F isn’t as crazy. The first track is a well-produced wall of sound with vocals similar to Shane Henderson’s (Valencia, Promise of Redemption) when lead vocals and keyboardist Tyler Welsh shouts the words, yet are slightly unpolished and premature when singing regularly. Nathan Parrish provides a driving bass line for the melodic tune, and I’m convinced that Absolute Punk must love this band and Drive Thru Records should sign them.

The next track, “Temple of Doom,” opens with a sweet riff from Lane joined by a steady beat cof driving snare created by drummer Jeremi Mattern. A great layering of vocals begins over the music before the vocals become alternating in this catchy as fuck song. “Temple of Doom” is followed by “Suncrusher,” a tune which rocked my face off with its slick riffs, huge syncopated beats and ambient and airy underlying chord progressions. The urgent riffs and double male vocals, the second set belonging to second lead vocals and guitarist Andy Lane, is reminiscent of Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, with a little Movielife. Thoughts of these three bands are also conjured up in “I Have Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die” and “Remember When That Train Wrecked Our Lifestyle?”

The only song in which the layering of vocals doesn’t necessarily work is “At Least We Are Civilized.” The song begins with a muted and acoustic introduction with echoed vocals that are off-key, causing the song to sound like a demo rather than a finished project. The song vastly improves as soon as it launches into a loud, fast electric sound with urgent, driving riffs and polished vocals, though the double voices don’t necessarily blend well.

The band’s horn players, Juan Lopez on trumpet and Andy Rector on trombone, become overtly pronounced in “I Have Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die,” as well as in “Bury Me With My Money.” I’m a huge fan of brass, so if I hadn’t already been won over by Driver F, this would have done it. “Bury Me With My Money” also features amazing keyboards that are fun as all get out, big drums that seem to be Driver F’s M.O. and dueling voices which work oh-so-well. The disc ends with the off-kilter “Lie 248,” featuring warped riffs and a crunchy, chaotic sound that exits on a ambient and echoing whistle.

Driver F has a great pop-punk sound that suits my taste from seven years ago more than today, but I totally love these guys. They have a dynamic wall of sound with catchy riffs, melodic keys, huge drums, and hot brass. The six guys of Driver F all play with great skill and form a cohesive unit exemplified by a tight record with outstanding production value. You can pick up a copy of Chase the White Whale (available now) and catch Driver F playing select cities this summer (dates below).

Two Words Mr. President: Plausible Deniability, Temple of Doom, Suncrusher, I Have Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die, At Least We Are Civilized, Remember When That Train Wrecked Our Lifestyle?, The Inevitability of a Closing Hat, Bury Me With My Money, Water Fun Express, Lie 248

Tour Dates:
May 31 – Javajazz SOMOFO Festival V2.0/Houston, Tx.
Jun 27 – Red Eyed Fly/Austin, Tx.
Jun 30 – The Darkroom/Baton Rouge, La.
Jul 01 – Sam’s Lounge/Jackson, Ms.
Jul 05 – Neptune Lounge/Tarpon Springs, Fl.
Jul 09 – Swayzee’s/Marrietta, Ga.
Jul 10 – Graffiti Music Hall/Asheville, Nc.
Jul 11 – The Attitudz Venue/Virginia Beach, Va.
Jul 14 – Siren/Doylestown, Pa.
Jul 17 – The Modern Exchange/Southgate, Mi.
Jul 19 – Rocker Dogs/Lombard, Il.
Jul 22 – Blinks/Ames, Ia.
Jul 23 – Vaudeville Mews/Des Moines, Ia.
Jul 24 – Sonic Portrait Showcase/Morris, Il.
Aug 22 – Northgate Music Festival/College Station, Tx.

Driver F: website | myspace


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