You Me & Iowa – The Adventures of You Me & Iowa

Los Angeles indie rock quintet You Me & Iowa are releasing their sophomore full-length, The Adventures of You Me & Iowa, on May 6th, both digitally and in-stores. Adventures is laced with catchy melodies and bouncy riffs creating a wonderful blend of indie pop and dance rock. Since the band’s formation in 2003, they have been growing a steady fanbase in LA, scoring rotation on LA’s Indie 103.1 and repeatedly selling out LA venue Spaceland. The band’s follow-up is sure to unleash their fresh sound to the nation and world, unveiling LA’s best kept secret.

The Adventures of You Me & Iowa begins with sweet and twinkling keys provided by keyboard and trumpet player Ryan Ross on single “Dress The Stage” (download!) A bouncy riff takes over on top of a driving tambourine played by percussionist, bassist and vocalist Ryan Julio. Layered vocals on “Dress The Stage” create an interesting effect and showcase well-crafted harmonies. Drummer Tony Benedetti drives songs with his bouncy beats, dynamic drums and wonderful crescendos, especially in “The Song Entire” and “Valhalla.”

“Tommy Hall” features a low, funky bass line and an equally funky synth part conjuring a New Wave, dance groove sound reminiscent of Hall & Oates, or contemporaries Tigercity. The following tracks, “Goldfish” and “Margaret Mourning,” draw from the same influences, but the former intros with two part staccato keys, opposing melodies and a smooth trumpet part courtesy of Ron Rolling. I’m kind of a sucker for brass, so this song totally owns me. “Margaret Mourning” has the same funky 80s, New Wave feel, but is fresh and interesting with its poppy driving riffs from vocalist/guitarist Andrew Carroll, constant switch of tempo and beat structure and light, airy vocals in an ambitious song that comes together quite well.

Guitarist Tizoc Estrada, who also plays the glockenspiel, creates warped, psych riffs on the poppy “Perpendicularly Speaking” before the album finishes with “Make Your Home (Smell Delicious),” a happy-go-lucky track with Mountain Goats-esque vocals and fun, warped guitar riffs. The Adventures of You Me & Iowa is a well-crafted album drawing on many different influences, yet remains cohesive, as well as fresh, and interesting. These Cali guys know how to rock.

The Adventures of You Me & Iowa lands physically and digitally May 6, 2008 so be sure to pick up a copy for yourself. While we in the technological age of all things digital, I recommend getting a physical copy of the disc, as well, because the album artwork is fantastic and the booklet functions as a comic book drawn by Chuck Wadey.

Tracklisting: Dress The Stage, The Song Entire, Tommy Hall, Goldfish, Margaret Mourning, Valhalla, Perpendicularly Speaking, Make Your Home (Smell Delicious)

You Me & Iowa: website | myspace


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  1. anyone in LA, check out the CD release show at Spaceland on May 24.

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