The Hush Sound – Goodbye Blues

The Hush Sound was founded by pianist/vocalist Greta Salpeter and guitarist/vocalist Bob Morris. The two had been friends since their early teens and in 2004 they formed the group which started out as an acoustic duo but later grew to include drummer Darren Wilson and bassist Chris Faller as well after Salpeter and Morris agreed that it was necessary for the goals and sound they wanted to achieve. The band wrote their first CD and originally released it before even being signed to a record label!

A joint effort of Ryan Ross of Panic! At The Disco fame and Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy got the band signed to Decaydance Records, an imprint label on Fueled By Ramen, owned by Wentz. The Hush Sound’s first album, So Sudden, was re-released by Decaydance after they were signed. They didn’t take much time to release a second record; Like Vines was released in June of 2006, just under eight months after their first CD. The band spent most of 2006 and 2007 touring and promoting themselves, gaining a steady fan base that they both share with
many of their label mates as well as having a good fan base out side of the stereotypical fan.

Goodbye Blues is the third studio release from the Chicago based band. It was featured on Alternative Press‘ list of “Most Anticipated Albums of 2008.” The band spent their time off in the fall of 2007 working on the album with Kevin Augunas. A bit before their CD release it was announced they’d be going with Decaydance label mates Panic! At The Disco on the 2008 Honda Civic Tour. The tour sold out on several dates and is sure to do nothing but help the bands fan base grow.

I had to agree with AP: Goodbye Blues was most definitely on my list for albums I was anticipating the most for 2008 and I was anything but disappointed! The band stuck with their soulful piano and guitar roots, though the new CD showed more of a push of Salpeter to the front, a major majority of the songs being mainly sung by her with the rest of the band, including Morris, doing back up. Though while this is a little disappointing because I do think Morris has
always done an excellent job on his part when he sang, I won’t be complaining because Salpeter’s voice is nothing short of amazing and the songs are definitely some of the catchiest I’ve heard in a good while.

Their first single off of the new CD is “Honey,”a piano heavy melody that they’ve been playing live for a good while now, and at least in my case has quickly replaced “Momentum” as my favorite song by the band thus far. But to say “Honey” is the only song I adore on the
record would be a far stretch of the truth! I’ve come across a habit of keeping “Medicine Man” and “Molasses” on repeat on my iTunes for longer amounts of time that is probably normal for just two songs!

As with their two previous records, Goodbye Blues matches a heartfelt blues sound of nicely blended piano chords and guitar rifts with emotional and straight from the soul lyrics. This is the first CD this year that I’d recommend everyone go out and buy, almost anyone could find something to like about this CD. Whether it be the classic sound of Salpeter’s voice, the melodies, or just the fact that when listening to it it’s hard to do anything but smile and think, “Well, everything is going to be OK.”

Be sure to pick up a copy of Goodbye Blues, in stores now!

The Hush Sound: website | myspace | watch “Honey”

*Hanna Marie


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