The Morning Of… – The World As We Know It

Their EP Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity has had some good reviews, called a “stroke of brilliance” by Absolutepunk. net, but the full-length album from The Morning Of, The World As We Know It, didn’t quite live up to those words. In fact, most of the album was weighed down by mediocrity. A majority of the lyrics and metaphors are lacking, and most of the music is incredibly straightforward and predictable. The alternating female/male vocals has potential to be great and they’ve both got the voice. When they harmonize together it’s absolutely beautiful, but at times when they were singing separately, I found myself feeling like I was back in high school, listening to a couple of teenagers in cheesy musical. It came across like a fight for the spotlight, to see who could out yell/sing the other (“An Unseen Direction” is a good example of that – and the bass line is pretty awful.)

I did like a few songs. The introduction, “Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity,” was a good preview, using some of the lyrics from the songs that would follow, and a nice transition into “Let Your Spirit Soar,” which is really catchy, especially the chorus. In the slower tracks “Reverie” and “The New Is In,” when their voices are softer and warmer it reminds me somewhat of Daphne Loves Derby. I actually prefer them this way and out of all their songs, connect most with “The New Is In” (even though the incoherent whispering at the end wasn’t the best way to leave it). “Shine” is also another one I enjoyed. Though the voice is powerful over the simple piano, it’s not overwhelming like some of their other songs. Even when the rest of the band comes in towards the end, it’s not overbearing. They’ve found a nice balance in this one.

They tried something different in “Smooth Sailing,” a kind of jazz track with semi-scatting at the end. It was one of my least favorites but the tie for first goes to “The Sound of Something Secure” and “There’s a Bully In the Park.” Both of these tracks attempt to sound heavier in certain parts and it completely falls flat. At first, “The Sound of Something Secure” is all bubblegum pop, with plenty of “whoa whoas” and it gets obnoxious fast. Then they attempt to add layering talking into yelling over a lame wannabe break down. The combination just doesn’t work. “There’s a Bully In the Park” starts off like this, but they also have group yelling vocals at the end, which again doesn’t work for them (the group vocals sound better in “Pilot to Base”). The last song, “You Vs. The World” has a good message but, again, the lyrics aren’t the greatest: “But you can not run your past / I’m always here if you need me / We’re always here to be your crutch / You’re more than vapor and shadow… Even sunshine burns if you get too much.”

Overall, the album is merely okay. Some tracks I enjoyed, others I didn’t. I will say not every track is the same. This album seemed like an experimentation of sounds, and once they find theirs, I’m sure their next album could be a good one. You can catch The Morning Of on tour in the beginning of May (dates below).

Tour Dates:
May 02 – Trackside/Wilton, Connecticut
May 03 – BAMBOOZLE/East Rutherford, New Jersey
May 04 – Stratus Nite Club/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 05 – Xtreme Wheels/Buffalo, New York
May 07 – The Knitting Factory/New York, New York
May 09 – The ICC/Allston, Massachusetts
May 10 – Valentine’s/Albany, New York

The Morning Of: myspace


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