Smoosh – First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia Pa.

Ever since I heard “Massive Cure,” I’d guess four or five years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of the band Smoosh. I was shocked and surprised and, honestly, a little jealous, when I found out Smoosh was comprised of sisters Asya (vocals, keyboards) and Chloe (drums, vocals), both of whom weren’t even teenagers at the time. I was definitely not that cool or accomplished at 10 years old. To recognize such a talent so young is an amazing thing. Their debut She Like Electric is still one of my favorite CDs and last night I got to see these amazing girls perform live.

Smoosh, currently on Barsuk Records, has been touring with and opening for Tokyo Police Club, pretty much the hottest indie band on the planet right now. In crowds filled with obnoxious dudes who love to mosh (you can totally tell I was not pleased about getting bumped into as I was trying to take pictures for your viewing pleasure), there were many who felt slighted a 16 year old, 14 year old and 12 year old took the stage, not to mention that they were girls. Plenty a dude behind me cracked jokes about Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and were just absolutely ripping on these girls before they began playing.

I want to turn around and tell them off but I knew as soon as Asya’s hands glided over the keyboard, Chloe pounded away on the drums, and Maia [younger sister and fairly recent addition to live shows, also provide album artwork] strummed her bass, those dude would see just how hard girls can rock. Rather than turn this into a rant biased to my feminist side, I’d just like to say that Smoosh was amazing live, and those guys realized it as soon as they turned off their egos and listened to the music and danced along.

Smoosh’s set list drew songs from both She Like Electric and follow-up Free to Stay in addition to a new song and a cover of Bloc Party‘s “This Modern Love” (which I’ve been listening to at least twice a day everyday since I downloaded it last year). Chloe is a maniac on the drums, but that’s no surprise as she was taught how to play by Death Cab For Cutie‘s Jason McGerr. Story goes, Chloe, Asya and family were in a music shop to get a violin restrung for Asya when she and Chloe wandered over to the store’s drum section and met McGerr. The family left with a $600 drum kit and McGerr offering to teach Chloe and aide Asya with her music and songwriting, giving us Smoosh.

You’re definitely in for a treat and an awesome show if you catch Smoosh live, so do it! Dates below.

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Tour Dates:
Apr 29 – Black Cat/Washington DC
Apr 30 – Big Orbit’s Soundlab/Buffalo, New York
May 4 – The Magic Stick/Detroit, Michigan
May 5 – Metro/Chicago, Illinois
May 6 – Varsity Theater/Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 8 – Garrick Theater/Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 9 – Louis’ Pub/Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 10 – The Warehouse/Calgary, Alberta
May 11 – The Warehouse/Calgary, Alberta
May 16 – The Plaza Club/Vancouver, British Columbia
May 17 – Sugar Nightclub/Victoria, British Columbia
May 18 – Neumos/Seattle, Washington
May 19 – Hawthorne Theater/Portland, Oregon

Smoosh: website | myspace

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