Grand Ole Party: Replay Lounge, Lawrence, Ks

While there are a number of things I found impressive about the San Diego, Ca three piece Grand Ole Party, I must say that Kristen Gundred‘s ability to manage a drum kit while wearing some heavy duty heels takes top billing. Weighing in at a very close second, however, was Gundred’s ability to manage a crowd. From the word “go,” she opened the set with the audience resting in the palm of her hand. Hell, she even got one listener to refill her water for her. If that isn’t crowd control, then I don’t know what is.

But, off stage is a completely different story. The noticeable difference between Gundred’s singing voice and speaking voice are pretty amazing. Prior to the set, she hung around the bar, softly speaking to those who noticed her. Her voice seemed nothing more than a whisper. But, once plugged in and propped behind her kit, Gundred seemed unleashed. No doubt that her bark is bigger than her bite, yet, this was one bark I wouldn’t want to fuck with. Channeling the powers of Robert Plant, Janis Joplin and Karen O, Gundred’s forceful lyrics are not to be ignored.

But to give credit where credit is due, there is more to Grand Ole Party’s fantastic classic rock meets dance hall pop sound than just vocals. She is backed by a pair of members whose talent, in their own ways, equals Gundred’s. Bassist Mike Krechnyak and guitarist John Paul Labno supply the hooks to Gundred holler. With a sound that uses silence and accents as exclamation points, the inconstant flow of the groups progressions becomes more of a hook itself. Think, “Date with the Night style Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Meg White playing drums. It’s pretty wonderful. The raw energy of the group simply spills over into the crowd as indie kids and hipsters alike shake their asses and enjoy the process of seeing a unique gem making music that combines the betters aspects of both the new and old scenes.

Please, take the time to check this group out for yourself. You can catch them on their upcoming tour with Firey Furnaces, or stream their music on the groups myspace page.

Grand Ole Party’s Myspace
DH Records Webpage

And for your viewing pleasure, Grand Ole Party on Fox Rox:

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