52 Songs in 52 Weeks: Crafty or Crazy?

Into It. Over It., the latest vehicle for Philadelphia native Evan Thomas Weiss, has posted its most recent offering, “New Careers.” This track is the 30th in an ongoing series which finds Weiss undertaking the ambitious task of writing and recording one new song every week for the span of a year.

52 weeks = 52 songs: a stat even more impressive considering that nothing was composed in advance. With occasional variances, music is written over the weekend, lyrics are penned on Monday or Tuesday and the songs are recorded Wednesday. The finished project is posted on the Into It. Over It. website on Thursday…and the cycle begins again.

Weiss, who is a member of The Progress and has played with Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, conceived Over It. Into It. as a way to break free from a musical rut, not to mention as an autobiographical means to document that quickly passing thing we call “life.”

The first song was posted on his 23rd birthday (09/27/07) and the last will go up on October 2nd, 2008. Most of the instruments are played by Weiss and the majority of songs are recorded at Gradwell House by Steve Poponi (Up Up Down Down).

The greatest part of the Into It. Over It. project – aside from the fact that there are some really great indie rock songs on full display, ranging from tender to tough – is that they’re all available free to download and share. The easiest way to get all 30 (plus the next 22 as they’re released) is via iTunes podcast. Simply go to the podcast section of your iTune store and search for “Into It Over It.” Subscribe and you’ll have everything that has been posted thus far, and you’ll get each new track from now on as they’re posted every Thursday.

You can also visit the website, browse each song page and download them individually. Sure, that might take a little longer, but it will also give you the opportunity to read the lyrics and check out other bonuses, such as the artwork of Brian Mietz of the band It’s A King Thing. Of course, there’s a myspace page where you can stream a random sampling of tracks as well.

Into It. Over It.: website | myspace

*Photo by: Andrea Petruccelli


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