Weezer New Album, Digital Single

Weezer will release their sixth studio album on June 24th through DGC/Interscope Records with the first single “Pork and Beans” available for purchase digitally April 24th. You can currently stream “Pork and Beans” on the band’s MySpace page.

This will be Weezer’s third self-titled album, this time to be known as the Red Album (previously, the band released two self-titled albums, one known as the Blue Album for its blue album art, the other known as the Green Album for its green album art).

Comprised of sessions produced by Rick Rubin, Jacknife Lee and the band itself, the album is adventurous and undeniable Weezer pop-rock. The first single, the quirky and catchy “Pork and Beans,” was recorded under the watch of the Irishman Lee and will soon be a Weezer classic. “Pork and Beans” is already at Modern Rock Radio and a video will be available in early May.

Great albums are culminations of the past with an eye to the future, and the Red Album has parts Blue Album and Pinkerton, yet forges new territory with all four members taking turns singing lead. The Red Album is the rarest of modern music combinations: being both immediate and having the quality of growing better upon each subsequent listen.

Weezer: website | myspace


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