"Weeds" Season 3 Soundtrack

The soundtrack for season 3 of “Weeds,” the best show on premium television (we say that only because “Gossip Girl” is the best show on basic television) , will be released in a digital only format on June 3rd. The show’s 3rd season will also be available on DVD June 3rd (for which we cannot wait as we don’t have Showtime), in just enough time to catch up/recap when the 4th season begins airing on Showtime on June 16th.


Featuring luminaries such as Randy Newman, actor Kevin Nealon and Ween, as well as indie rock tastemakers such as Beirut, Oh No! Oh My!, Page France and Illinois, the “Weeds” Season Three Soundtrack is a showcase of some of the genre’s most promising talent and displays artistry only a pop culture vehicle such as “Weeds” is able to herald. After the June 3rd digital-only release, SHO.com will have the CD for sale exclusively. Shortly thereafter there will be a wide retail release.

Randy Newman’s season premiere rendition of Malvina Reynolds‘ “Little Boxes” is the only cover of the theme to make the soundtrack this time around (episode 8’s cover by Man Man is our favorite — listen above!). Kevin Nealon, who plays the show’s egocentric CPA Doug Wilson, lending his vocal chops to a quick banjo-driven ditty entitled “Just Like the Superdome,” as an amazing addition to this already fantastic soundtrack.

Track Listing:
01. Randy Newman – ‘Little Boxes’ (Marvina Reynolds)
02. Page France – ‘Chariot’
03. That 1 Guy – ‘Buttmachine’
04. Beirut – ‘Scenic World’
05. The Dresden Dolls – ‘Girl Anachronism’
06. Ween – ‘You F**ked Up’
07. Oh No! Oh My! – ‘Walk in the Park’
08. Illinois – ‘Nosebleed’
09. Great Lake Swimmers – ‘Your Rocky Spine’
10. Mr. Smolin – ‘The Earth Keeps Turning On’
11. Kevin Nealon – ‘Just Like the Superdome’
12. State Radio – ‘Keep Sake’
13. Eleni Mandell – ‘Let’s Drive Away’

Weeds: website
Man Man: website | myspace | interview with frontman Honus Honus


2 Responses

  1. Best show ever! I can’t wait till the DVDs are out!
    I wonder what the bonus features will be :))

  2. Right?! I’m thisclose to ordering Showtime for season 4!

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